Week Four – 1// The School Survival Guide: Toxic Relationships…

Welcome back!

SO, I want to talk about something that is so prevalent in every teen’s life. Toxic relationships. Whether that be friendships or dating life. Toxic relationships are out there people and they are hard to avoid.

First off I’m going to start by pointing out the signs of a toxic relationship, that is how you can tell you are in one, I’m going to share some experiences and then move on to how you deal with a toxic relationship.

How to tell if you’re in a toxic relationship: 

1. If they do not have your best interests in mind – What this means is, if a friend doesn’t care what happens to you or doesn’t try to get what is best for you. This is TOXIC. Say bye to that person.

2. If you do not feel comfortable around them – a friend who doesn’t make the effort to include you or make you feel welcome is not a friend.

3. If they make you feel insecure about yourself – this is the worse. Insecurity can be brought about by judgements, comparisons etc if this is happening to you from a relationship. This is toxic!

There are many more things that can be seen in a toxic relationship but I can summarise them by saying, if you do not feel good in a relationship, it is more than likely toxic and I would advise you to GET OUT! 

At school / high school, it is so easy to get into them, and not realise because “there is more good than bad” or “it’s not that bad”. But, I am telling you, it does not help you to stay with that person because it is bad for not only your time at school but for your mental and physical health.

Everyone has and will go through it, toxic relationships I’m afraid are inevitable (unless you avoid the social hierarchy entirely). As soon as you learn to recognise them, you can get out of them before you get hurt.

I am not immune. In fact, right now I would say I was in a few toxic friendships. It is hard to recognise them and walk away, especially if you have been friends for years. People change. I have realised over time, that although the relationship may not have been toxic in the beginning, it certainly is now. Sometimes, you have to make that choice between letting go and being happy or staying in that relationship for the sake of years of friendship. At this point in my life, I try and put myself first because I know that in the long run, it is my life. I advise you to do the same.

Comment down below how you deal with toxic relationships! Feel free to email me for more advice (even though it’s probably pretty useless!)

Look after yourselves,

Peace out, accidental aspirationalists xx


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