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Welcome to my blog! I have made this slideshow above because it is everything I want to be able to provide you with on my blog and/or experience in my life. As the day goes, I will probably update the slideshow to show more pictures of my own and not just ones I got from the free website.

I started this blog, firstly because I wanted a way to record what I have done, like an online journal but also to spread more positivity in the world. I call myself an aspirationalist because there are many things I aspire to do and to become. I want everyone to have their own aspirations also.  We have too much hatred, anger and little love being shown and I want to be able to make a difference even if it is just in one person’s life.

Below, I have put links to my recent blog posts which encompass many of my topics in the slideshow and also a link to my Instagram page for this blog where I will be posting daily inspirations and updates.

Join the family and stay positive.

All the love accidental aspirationalists,

Anita x