Week Three – 3// Sunday Photo Fiction: Museum Fox

The lights switched off at the main entrance to the Natural History Museum in London. The glass displays opened to air. The security guard settled at his post. He sat opposite the ginger fox on display, wishing for a quiet night.

The fox stared at the strange guard who sat in the same place he did every night. Climbing off the display and walked up to the guard. The fox did not know why it was always trapped in the same glass case being stared at all day every day.

All it knew was that at night the fox was free.

It pattered its feet along the stone cold floor of the museum towards the main entrance and slipped out between the bars. Walking to the back of the building and leapt onto the dumpster, sticking its nose into the bin and eating. The fox kept rummaging until light then turned back. It jumped back onto the pedestal just as the glass cage started to close. Just like it did every morning. The fox turned its head towards the guard, staying still till night would fall again.


This is part of the Sunday photo fiction challenge. All credits go to the photographer. Please enjoy. 

Peace out accidental aspirationalists xx


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