Never Lie To A Child.

Hiya guys and welcome to a new blog post.

So, this was not the original blog post planned for today, I have a few Paris Blog Posts that are going up in the next couple of weeks but I’ve had a stressful last couple of weeks and a few interesting experiences that I thought I would share first.

But, let’s start with the reason you all clicked on this blog post. What was my lie?

No need to fear mum’s and dad’s in the world. It wasn’t too bad of a lie, in fact, it had a very funny ending. As part of my church responsibilities, I teach music to children between the ages of 4-11. Now, these are dangerous ages.

I like to make my music times fun and engaging so I had an idea to introduce ‘THE SINGER OF THE WEEK AWARD”. I took to church a simple gold medal with the Olympic Logo, that I probably got in junior school.

At the start of music time, I was wearing it around my neck and said to the children, “You are all in competition for this medal, you have to be very careful with it because I won this gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics when I was 8 in a swimming competition.”

If you know me personally, I am not much of a swimmer at all, I can swim but I much prefer to watch others swim in the Olympics and could never be a competitive swimmer at all. It started off as a joke, and I thought that it was quite obvious from my facial expression that I was joking.

Boy, was I wrong.

Music time ending and I gave the award to the winning little boy. Before handing it to him, a girl asked me, “Did you really win that at the Olympics?” 

I replied,”Of course, this is real gold.”

If you saw this medal, you can tell that it is the cheapest, tackiest gold plastic medal and not at all close the grandeur of a real Olympic gold medal. But, me being the comedian, I am carried on with the joke.

So, I went to Paris this week and the thought of this lie that I had told the children during music time last week never crossed my mind. I went to church again today and the mum of the little girl approached me and said, “Are you the lady who taught my children last week?” 

I looked at her, apprehensively, “Yes.”

“Is it true that you were in the Olympics?”

At this moment, I was in shock. This little girl had believed me and gone and told her MUM. I had to explain the whole story to her and I quickly apologized for telling her daughter the lie. She shook her head and laughed, “Don’t apologize! That’s amazing, you don’t understand how many times, I use that with her now. I say, come on *Lucy, some children are Olympic Swimmers at your age and you can’t even tidy your room properly.”

I laughed at this, glad that it was being turned into a positive thing. Despite this instance, I have learned my lesson. I will not be lying to a child again. 

I hope you liked this blog post, I just thought it was quite humorous. Please comment down below if you like story time blog posts like this or if you prefer more like my previous blog posts.

To any Mum’s reading this, comment down below if you would react the same as the Mum above. I want to hear from the Mum’s in the house!!

I’ll be back with another blog post next Sunday.

Stay cool and PEACE OUT accidental aspirationalists.

Lots of Love,

Anita x

THE SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE: Why College was the worst 2 years of my life.

Hiya guys and welcome back to another blog post and another post in the school survival guide series.

As you can tell by the title, I am extremely dramatic.

You can also tell by the title that I hated college. In fact, hated is an understatement, I loathed college. I still loathe college. But before I get into the why of my hatred, let me just explain what college is in the UK.

I think I’ve explained this before so this will be brief. Basically, students in college or 6th form are between the ages of 16-18 usually. It is before university and is now compulsory in the UK (however not compulsory to do A Levels).

I think A-Levels are possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. They caused me nothing but stress and heartache for 2 years. FOR 2 FLIPPING YEARS.

But, let’s start at the beginning…

Pre-college me was a happy sweet child, I’d just finished GCSE’s, did quite well, was feeling quite confident and was like A-Levels bring it on, bite me (that was so cringy and I seriously apologise).

September comes, after a nice long summer, I was relaxed and then started college.

This is where I made my first mistake.

I decided that I wanted to make new friends and be cool and all that jazz… MISTAKE #1. 

I spent so much time trying to get to know people and just talk to people and put myself out there, that I forgot what was important. AKA, A-LEVELS.

This is a tip for you guys who are starting college or anything else that is a short critical time period, prioritise your work, please. Don’t use free periods for just chatting in the canteen (guilty), don’t leave your work till the night before (guilty), and just be yourself (also… guilty – I’m a naturally chatty person).

Anyways, the first year of college passes by… I did ok. It’s probably because I sweated at the last moment that I got the grades, I did.

Second-year comes around.

The work just increases 100x. 

I’m not even lying to you. I was working all day every day on college work for 11 months straight. No joke. Bearing in mind, I had to go over everything from the first year because I didn’t understand the majority of it. It was a stressful year. Holidays – I don’t think so. Breaks – what are they. I don’t know how I got through the year without breaking down to be perfectly honest with you.

This is when mistake two happened, my revision was not as effective for the first three months of “revising”, which meant that I wasted a lot of time and effort “learning” things that did not stay in my brain at all… MISTAKE 2#.

On the upside, the year went quickly. Kind of. I remember telling myself, oh don’t worry you have 9 months till your exams. 6 days later. First exams tomorrow (It literally felt like that…)

Now I’m in the long wait period. I’m waiting for results day. I’m literally just praying to God that my work this year paid off.

However, so far this post has been pretty negative. So here’s a bit of positive advice:

  1. do make friends – don’t misunderstand me, it is not a problem to talk to new people and make new friends, just make sure you have your priorities straight. don’t do what I did and just spend all your time trying to make new friends and no time studying. it’s all about balance.
  2. take breaks – cannot stress enough, when studying you need to have some downtime and enjoy yourself. put your own physical and mental health first.
  3. work hard, play hard – put your education first, but when it’s time to relax… relax hard people.

Overall, I guess my college experience wasn’t as awful as I made it sound (it was pretty awful though), but I definitely wouldn’t do it again. That is for sure.

Comment below any college experiences, or school experiences that you have absolutely hated!

And have a good week!

Peace out,

Love Anita x

p.s. goodluck to all those getting results this summer!!

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Back for Good. Life Update and Blogging Schedule.

Hi guys!

Welcome back to another blog post! I have been gone for so so so so long… but I have a valid reason. Over the last month or so, I have had my A Level Exams. If any of you do the English education system, you know that these are a big one. These are the ones that I need to pass to get into university (college in the USA/elsewhere). I had to take a break from blogging purely because I didn’t want to be distracted by anything and risk failing anything. But, I’m back for good now!

Seriously, expect at least one blog post a week. My plan at the moment is to upload a blog post every Sunday and then one more at any time in the week if I have something to write about. I have a few ideas in the works at the moment that I am so excited to share with you.

But let’s give you a little update.

I’ve hit 100 followers! You don’t understand how happy I am! Thank you so much! I might do a giveaway 😉 so look out for that…

Secondly, I am going to Paris! Get ready for the Paris blog posts! Let me know on Twitter or Instagram what content things you want to see from Paris. e.g. Paris outfits, 3 days in Paris etc…


Sorry, it’s a short blog post but it’s just a little update on what’s going on in my life right now.

Peace out for now,

Love Anita x

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