Week Four – 3 // The Stupidity of Love.




Love is Stupid.


I honestly believe that. I have this theory that when you enter a relationship, you lose all common sense. It’s as if the person you are in ‘love’ with has taken away your ability to make correct decisions. I am not talking from experience. I am talking from observation.

I have watched friends and family cry over the ones they ‘love’. I have watched hearts break in front of me. I have watched girls make decisions they would never make in a love-void state. I have watched boys run after ones who don’t deserve them. All in the name of Love.

To me, it’s stupid.

People say it’s worth it. But, why would purposely hurting yourself be worth it? Why would you enter a relationship that is more than likely never going to last, be worth it? I just don’t get it. Are you trying to learn a lesson or are you deliberately self-inflicting pain?

I guess you could say, you’ve never had it, so you just don’t understand.

I guess you could say, you’re just scared of putting yourself out there. You’re afraid of getting hurt.

And, I guess you are right.

Some part of me, the darkest part of me, wants to love and be loved. I’m just scared. If I put myself out there if I let someone in, what if it happens to me? What if I’m the one at 2 am crying on the phone to my best friend over a boy. Or, what if I’m the one skipping class to be with him.

I don’t get this concept of love. The way society labels what love has to be like. The way everyone seems to need to experience heartbreak. As if it’s a drink that everyone needs to try. I guess I should rephrase what I’m trying to say.

Love isn’t stupid.

Society is.


Peace out, Accidental Aspirationalists xx


5 thoughts on “Week Four – 3 // The Stupidity of Love.

  1. I absolutely agree with you. I haven’t experienced it myself too (someone did tell me I’m avoiding emotional pain😕). Of course😂. I don’t get the concept but I really hope that if I do experience it,

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