Week Three – 2// Story Time: I did work experience at a MENTAL ASYLUM!!

Hi, guys and welcome back to my blog!!!

Today, I’m going to tell a short story about something I did this summer. If you’ve read my about page, you will know that I want to be a doctor, (got some more to explain about that soon) so this summer I had an amazing opportunity to spend 3 days at a psychiatry hospital or if you like a mental asylum…I arrived day one, it was on the edge of town, by itself, not much was around just a Tesco. Creep level: high. I walked into the reception and a man with a hi-vis jacket was sat at the desk; no normal receptionist I tell you that. Creep level: higher.

I arrived day one, it was on the edge of town, by itself, not much was around just a Tesco. Creep level: high. I walked into the reception and a man with a hi-vis jacket was sat at the desk; no normal receptionist I tell you that. Creep level: higher.

Walking up to the desk, I stated that I was here on work experience to shadow a psychiatrist. He looked at me and replied, go right through the doors, and make sure they shut behind, he then pointed to a building opposite the reception, across the lawn and ring the doorbell. Make sure the doors shut behind you, he repeated. In my mind I kept repeating the words, this is not a mental asylum, this is not a mental asylum.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t that bad, for most of the part, I wasn’t allowed on the ward because it was predominantly male and if I did go on I had to be supervised and with an alarm. Yeah, scary. I would sometimes be walking in the main office part and then turn to where the locked doors would see a lady just standing there, smiling at me and sometimes she would wave. Creep level: increasing higher.

One experience involved me and a doctor, she was giving me a tour of the establishment because it consists of many different wards all at different risk levels (Note: I was on a high-risk ward, Creep Level: High) and then a previous patient was also walking around the grounds. The doctor said to me, we need to get back to the ward after seeing him. Apparently, this specific patient had been discharged a couple of weeks back but kept coming back for no reason. I’m not going to lie, I was scared. However, I loved it!

Weird, right.

The whole experience made me see a different side to mental health and despite my suspicions, it was a very nice environment, the doctors did everything to help the patients. In no way was this blog post trying to stigmatise mental health; I think it is important that we talk about mental health as it is just as important as our physical health. This post is more talking about getting rid of the idea that people who suffer from mental health issues should be “put away”. In fact, I gained invaluable experience from this placement and I immensely enjoyed interacting and seeing other people who we would class as ‘abnormal’; the way they think and act.

There are more tales to tell of this experience but I’ll save those for another day 😉

Peace out, accidental aspirationalists x

Week Three – 1// 17 things I learnt at the age of 17

Welcome back to another blog!

I’m sorry, this is a pretty poor attempt at starting a blog I’m not going to lie. So this week, I am going to strive to blog at least 3 times! Anyways, into the blog. Today, I want to talk about 17 things I have learnt at this young old age of 17… see what I did there!

Note: All of the things below apply to ME. I am in no wise lecturing people about what is wrong or right. These are my experiences and how I have grown and learnt throughout this past year. Please respect that.

1) To Love Me.

Well, this got deep quickly. But this is really important to me, I think nowadays people compare themselves too much to others. What others look like or what others to wear or body size and stuff like that. I feel like, especially as teens, we sometimes get wrapped up in the idea that we are not good enough. We are! From this year I have learnt to be myself, to embrace who I am, what I look like and do what I love because it really doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. As long as I am happy with who I am and who I am becoming that is all that matters.

2) To Stop Letting Others Have Control Of How I Feel.

I often decided how I feel about something or someone because of another person’s opinion. I’ll start to dislike someone because of what I’ve heard about them and not really giving them a chance or getting to know them. I think that this is the worst. I feel that I used to be too quick to judge others because of their past mistakes and I have now learnt this is not the way. I would hate it if this happened to me, I am sure it does. But I need to not do it to others. If you allow other people to control how you feel about something, someone or even yourself, it creates an unhappy mindset which can lead to unhappy relationships. I have found that when I give people a chance and actually get to know them; some of them have become my best friends.

3) To Stand Alone.

This year, I started college. It has been the hardest year of my life. And for once, I’m not complaining about the work. I am not a party kind of girl. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs or smoke. Basically, in my friends’ eyes, I’m not “normal”. But, I don’t believe that having a ‘good’ time, is not remembering your ‘good’ time. The idea of being in a room surrounded by sweaty teenagers who are off their faces just does not appeal to me. So I stand alone. To begin with, it was hard. A part of me wanted to be like everybody else. I would sometimes sit in my room on a Friday night watching Snapchat stories and having a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out); sad right? But, I know my standards and I know what I feel is wrong and no party is going to change that. This year, I have learnt that sometimes it is better to stand alone and be that one person who has never been to an all famous college party than to be part of the crowd and be like everybody else. I’m not saying no one should go out and have a ‘good’ time don’t get me wrong. It’s just how I feel and where I am striving to continue to stand. Alone.


4) To Know That Sometimes Change Is Good.

Ok, so this is a tough one for me. Let me give you some background. I am the type of person who once I get an idea into my head, I am very unlikely to change. For instance, I want to be a doctor. Nothing will stop me. One day, I know I will get there. Some people call this hard-headed, others determination. However, this year I have learnt that change can be good. If you had asked me at the beginning of the year, I would be heading to med school straight away and that was the only thing for me. But, I have now researched and seen that maybe it would be better if I did a degree first or took a gap year. I have more options. I think for me, that is why some change is good. It gives you more options, you have a wider perspective. It’s the good experiences which can come from good change, that I strive for.

5) To Keep Going.

Ah, this is a good one. I have wanted to give up. Not on life, it’s not that deep. But often, I say to myself why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself through the stress of entrance exams? All for one career? I could easily do something vocational, couldn’t I? But I am telling myself now, to KEEP GOING. This year I have learnt that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything. I am a strong believer in the saying, “anything is possible”. You do not have to be the strongest or the smartest to do something that is for your benefit. For me, it is all about the journey, that is where you becoming the best person you can be. Just Keep Going.

6) To Be Selfless.

HAHAHA. If you met me in real life, you would know that I used to have a big heart but an even bigger ego. I wouldn’t say I was self-absorbed but I did do a lot for myself and would potential look at my situation before other people who were worse off than me. I am now trying harder to look after other people. What they don’t have, that I can share, I try to do. I think to be selfless means to care. It is an attribute that I think was the hardest for me to develop. I always thought that people got themselves into situations. Those people brought things upon themselves. But I think it is important to remember that things can be caused by other people. That’s why now, I try to show that I care for everyone and that you don;t know what people are going through and all you need to do is love.


7) To Trust My Instincts.

Do not be tossed by the winds of social media, my advice and speaking from experience. Trust what you have been taught or from lessons you have seen people learn. Most importantly, trust yourself. I think that we all have the innate tendency to protect ourselves, so if your body and spirit are telling you what to do, trust it do not let other people determine your choices.

8) To Never Follow.

I’ve learnt not to be a sheep. Not to follow the crowd. Don’t be a part of it. Those are the worst kind of people. That’s all I have to say really.

9) To Hold People Up, Not Push Them Down.

Everybody is special. Everybody is different. I learnt to see the good in everyone. To not pick at their faults but to cherish the good. I think this has changed my life. The more you hold people up and try to pull them up, the more people you will have to hold you up in the bad and the good.

10) To Not Let Others Change My Beliefs.

What I believe is what I believe. As you can probably tell, I don’t get persuaded easily but this year I have really tried to stay strong in what I believe to be true and what I feel is wrong.

11) To Love.

Everyone deserves love. Not the select few. But everyone. I have definitely learnt this.

12) To Gym.

I am glad I have discovered the beauty of working out. Lol. I’m weird.

13) To Forgive.

*sigh* Once you let something go, your life because better and free. Don’t hold grudges people because it just eats you up from the inside. Plus, the people you hold a grudge against more than likely won’t even notice or care. It does nothing to them after a while. I have learnt that if I just forgive people there and then, it is soooooooo much easier. Trust me.


14) To Not Assume.

This is important, you do not know what is going on in anybody else’s life. If you don’t know, don’t assume. As I said before, just be there for people. That can be all the difference that people need sometimes. And another thing, if people don’t tell you what is going on in their life, it doesn’t mean they don’t trust you. It could just be really personal. But just respect that, I have definitely learnt to just love other people and to be a friend.

15) To Surround Myself With People I Am Comfortable With.

So this is another big one which has only happened recently tbh. I have changed friendship group, although I am still friends with them, I no longer felt like a part of the group. They were doing things that just made me uncomfortable and different from them. I will always love them but I wanted to seat with people who were more like me. This is another piece of advice, if you don’t feel comfortable with people, no matter how much you like them, do not change yourself just to fit in. I know that I will always love my old group and obviously, we still say hi and I am still friends with them but I just feel more comfortable with others. That’s all really.

16) To Not Gossip.

Urgh, this is the one I am still working on. I have a big mouth and most of the time it isn’t on purpose. No matter how good you are, someone will come along and tell you that juicy piece of drama or gossip about someone else and you can’t help yourself but listen and join in. I have learnt this year, this is wrong and it hurts others and it gets you in situations that are better off avoided. Gossip is so bad in my opinion because if it is meant to hurt other people when you talk about them, put yourself in their shoes. I am still working on this and it is one of my weaknesses but I am trying!!

17) To Trust God.

You’ve probably got from this that I’m religious. So if you’re not religious, insert someone else or something. I just feel that there are things in my life that I need someone to help with who aren’t my friends or my family. For me, that is my God. I know that if things aren’t going the way I want them. Someone else is looking out for me.

Okkkkkkkk, so this was a long one, but I hope you guys enjoyed the 17 things I have learnt. I hope you don’t think I am some perfect person because I am still trying all of these. I can genuinely say that some of them have shaped me to be a lot wiser and mature. From the beginning of the year till now, I have learnt so much and had so many experiences that have taught me lifelong lessons and I am so grateful that I have had every single one of them. I’ll be back with another blog soon.

Peace out,

Accidental Aspirationalists xx

Week Two – 2// The School Survival Guide: 3 golden rules to survive the first year of college

Welcome to a new segment of my blog called: THE SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to make it through hell.

College. The realm of inequity.

A short note: When I say college (6th form), I mean between the ages of 16-18 in the UK.

First off, college is hard. Questions run through the mind of a 16-year-old as they leave the big safe world of secondary school and are not so gently thrust into the adult world, unfortunately, hidden in the form of education. By this I mean, you may think you will get help. You won’t. When they say, “we will treat you like an adult” or “we won’t treat you like a child” they mean it. So here are some tips and tricks on how to survive the first year of college (I am now in year 13) if you’re smart, you will follow them. If you’re not, well… I wish you the best. May the odds be forever in your favour.


I don’t think I can stress this enough. Do not sit in the canteen, chatting to friends and buying glorious 25p hash browns. NO. Go the library, make notes, revise, from DAY ONE… ok maybe give yourself a bit of break, maybe from day 2. But do not spend the entire year doing what I call CANTEEN CRAP. If you still don’t understand let me put this in a real-life scenario. One day in the sweet old year of year 12, I was walking towards the canteen with my friends and I said out loud, mind you, so I addressed the issue; “I have chemistry homework due next, I should really go to the library and do it”. I continue walking to the canteen, the good old library settled back behind me. And that’s how most of my first year free periods happened. Do not make this mistake, I’m telling you, it will save you a whole ton of work come the end of year exams.

RULE #2: Ditch the friends.

Many of you may not like my opinion on this one but I can promise you if you follow my advice you will realise why I am saying this. Having lots of friends will distract you. I’m not saying, have no friends whatsoever. But, pick friends that motivate you. Boost you. And are fairly smart so you can copy them. Lol. On a serious note, college is a short time. 2 years of your life, so small but so so so important. Do not waste it trying to impress people.

RULE #3: Find a Hobby

So, this may not be the most useful piece of advice but it definitely helped me. It isn’t just about work and no play at college for the 2 years. I would say, start doing something that you really enjoy so that when you are taking a break from studying or it’s the holidays; you can have something to do which will maintain a healthy moral and you can de-stress. For example, my is playing an instrument (don’t get me wrong but it’s not always fun), or watching YouTube or writing a blog post. Whatever it is that helps you stick to it cause I promise it makes the time fly.

That’s my three golden rules and I promise you, you will make it through the first year of college.

Good luck and stay an accidental aspirationalist

Peace out x

Week Two – 1// It’s time to address this…

I think it’s finally time.

I started this blog just over a week ago and well, I think it’s time to address why it is called Accidental Aspirationalist.

SO, a while back, I read a book which is called The Accidental Adventurer by Ben Fogle, the book is about how he become an adventurer and all the different places he has travelled. But that wasn’t the most interesting part for me, I loved the way that he spoke about his childhood and how he used to dream big but people didn’t always believe in him.

I kind of feel sometimes it is the same for me. I have always had big dreams but I have not always had people backing me. Sometimes, it’s the people closest to you who hurt you even when they don’t know it. So, I decided to make my own way. To be who I want to be and what I am striving for whether or not people believe in me.

I want to give the same advice to all of you. Whether you have the whole world backing you or against you. KEEP GOING. DO NOT GIVE UP. Aim high and stay aiming high, do not change because you feel you may never make it. I can guarantee as long as you believe you can and you want something hard enough. You will make it.

Don’t me wrong, there are days where you may want to give up. To give up on that dream. But that’s why I believe in aspirations because they are real. You can grip them. They are possible. I tell myself that if someone else has managed to do it, I can too.

I hope these words don’t just go over your heads. Whatever you want to do, go for it.

And remember… always be an Accidental Aspirationalist

Peace out x


Week One – 3// Sunday Photo Fiction: Max



“Hurry!” Max shouted over his shoulders.

I could barely keep up, we were running down a slope towards the river bank. “Why are we doing this again?” I shouted.

Max stopped, “I told you, we need to find the girl and help her”

I had never been to the river before, but I had heard at school about this house which crossed the river bank. Max had always been, what most people would call, a strange child. I didn’t entirely believe him about this girl who needed help. “Right, Yes, to help this girl” I replied.

We got to the edge of the bank, and I saw his eyes search the river, the house, and finally rested on the river bed. “Oh no!” He shouted. “She’s fallen in!”

I looked into the water and frowned.


A splash.

I turned, “Max!”


This short story was written for the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge. This is a challenge where one writes a small piece of fiction, 200 words or less in response to a photo (shown above). 

Week One – 2// Work. Work. Work.

Welcome to post number 2!

After my exam this week, I can safely say I’ve been slacking in the work department. I start college again later this week and well after a long summer it’s safe to say I got all my work done.



I have piles.

But it’s fine because I will do this. On top of this, I have a part-time job, which is actually quite an interesting job if I do say so myself. I work at my local hospital as a patient services centre clerk. This job consists of scanning letters, referrals and everything else. But also, picking up phones and talking to mostly angry patients about why their appointment has been cancelled. Most of the time, the doctor’s retired or gone on holiday. Great excuse to give over the phone!

Anyway, on the up side, I’ve had a few moments of inspiration this week, specifically on my goals for this new academic year and my life in general. Obviously we have the basics.

1. Become good at everything, quickly and by next Monday preferably.

But on a more serious note, another one of my goals is to trust myself more and my judgement. I think this is important because the world has a way of deceiving people these days. It is useful to have a smart head on your shoulders and learn from other people’s choices which I strongly believe is essential in our lives.

I sincerely hope that each one of you is aiming to become the best person in whatever you’re doing. That’s what an aspirationalist does, believes they can become better by being better.

Be a aspirationalist people,

Peace out x