THE SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE: Why College was the worst 2 years of my life.

Hiya guys and welcome back to another blog post and another post in the school survival guide series.

As you can tell by the title, I am extremely dramatic.

You can also tell by the title that I hated college. In fact, hated is an understatement, I loathed college. I still loathe college. But before I get into the why of my hatred, let me just explain what college is in the UK.

I think I’ve explained this before so this will be brief. Basically, students in college or 6th form are between the ages of 16-18 usually. It is before university and is now compulsory in the UK (however not compulsory to do A Levels).

I think A-Levels are possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. They caused me nothing but stress and heartache for 2 years. FOR 2 FLIPPING YEARS.

But, let’s start at the beginning…

Pre-college me was a happy sweet child, I’d just finished GCSE’s, did quite well, was feeling quite confident and was like A-Levels bring it on, bite me (that was so cringy and I seriously apologise).

September comes, after a nice long summer, I was relaxed and then started college.

This is where I made my first mistake.

I decided that I wanted to make new friends and be cool and all that jazz… MISTAKE #1. 

I spent so much time trying to get to know people and just talk to people and put myself out there, that I forgot what was important. AKA, A-LEVELS.

This is a tip for you guys who are starting college or anything else that is a short critical time period, prioritise your work, please. Don’t use free periods for just chatting in the canteen (guilty), don’t leave your work till the night before (guilty), and just be yourself (also… guilty – I’m a naturally chatty person).

Anyways, the first year of college passes by… I did ok. It’s probably because I sweated at the last moment that I got the grades, I did.

Second-year comes around.

The work just increases 100x. 

I’m not even lying to you. I was working all day every day on college work for 11 months straight. No joke. Bearing in mind, I had to go over everything from the first year because I didn’t understand the majority of it. It was a stressful year. Holidays – I don’t think so. Breaks – what are they. I don’t know how I got through the year without breaking down to be perfectly honest with you.

This is when mistake two happened, my revision was not as effective for the first three months of “revising”, which meant that I wasted a lot of time and effort “learning” things that did not stay in my brain at all… MISTAKE 2#.

On the upside, the year went quickly. Kind of. I remember telling myself, oh don’t worry you have 9 months till your exams. 6 days later. First exams tomorrow (It literally felt like that…)

Now I’m in the long wait period. I’m waiting for results day. I’m literally just praying to God that my work this year paid off.

However, so far this post has been pretty negative. So here’s a bit of positive advice:

  1. do make friends – don’t misunderstand me, it is not a problem to talk to new people and make new friends, just make sure you have your priorities straight. don’t do what I did and just spend all your time trying to make new friends and no time studying. it’s all about balance.
  2. take breaks – cannot stress enough, when studying you need to have some downtime and enjoy yourself. put your own physical and mental health first.
  3. work hard, play hard – put your education first, but when it’s time to relax… relax hard people.

Overall, I guess my college experience wasn’t as awful as I made it sound (it was pretty awful though), but I definitely wouldn’t do it again. That is for sure.

Comment below any college experiences, or school experiences that you have absolutely hated!

And have a good week!

Peace out,

Love Anita x

p.s. goodluck to all those getting results this summer!!

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Back for Good. Life Update and Blogging Schedule.

Hi guys!

Welcome back to another blog post! I have been gone for so so so so long… but I have a valid reason. Over the last month or so, I have had my A Level Exams. If any of you do the English education system, you know that these are a big one. These are the ones that I need to pass to get into university (college in the USA/elsewhere). I had to take a break from blogging purely because I didn’t want to be distracted by anything and risk failing anything. But, I’m back for good now!

Seriously, expect at least one blog post a week. My plan at the moment is to upload a blog post every Sunday and then one more at any time in the week if I have something to write about. I have a few ideas in the works at the moment that I am so excited to share with you.

But let’s give you a little update.

I’ve hit 100 followers! You don’t understand how happy I am! Thank you so much! I might do a giveaway 😉 so look out for that…

Secondly, I am going to Paris! Get ready for the Paris blog posts! Let me know on Twitter or Instagram what content things you want to see from Paris. e.g. Paris outfits, 3 days in Paris etc…


Sorry, it’s a short blog post but it’s just a little update on what’s going on in my life right now.

Peace out for now,

Love Anita x

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Do you remember me?

Yeah, I’m writing a blog post. Shock horror!

I’m sorry for being AWOL, but exams are taking over my life. Anyways, I’m going to stop apologising and get into the blog. So, earlier this month, I made a commitment that I wanted to get into the blogger community more. I was reading all of these posts about people meeting up with their blogger friends or talking to bloggers’ online.  And, I decided to make a Twitter account solely for my blog (not just my personal one), as well as this, I made a better Instagram for my blog because my old one was just a mess…

I’ll take this time to plug my socials: Instagram –; Twitter –

TIP (1) – JOIN TWITTER, this has changed my blog.  You can use Twitter to get involved in Twitter chats, follower chains etc and it will help you get exposure for your blog. As well as this, Twitter is a nice way to share what you are feeling that isn’t in a blog post. The amount of engagement on Twitter is very high, it is quite nice!

TIP (2) – HAVE A BLOGGING INSTAGRAM can display to people what type of content you upload on your blog. Try and upload good quality pictures because it will attract lots of people to your blog. It is such a useful social media tool because it can help you connect with brands and other bloggers.


TIP (3) – PIN, PIN, PIN on Pinterest. Pinterest is an absolutely wonderful tool and it can be done on the go, which I love so much! It is where I gather most of my ideas and photo prompts because it is so endless. I feel like you don’t even need to have a blog to use Pinterest, it is for everyone! On Pinterest, do not worry about the number of followers you have, focus on the views because those are the people who are actually pinning and viewing what you pin or post on Instagram. I use my Pinterest to share my blog photos or cover photos.


TIP (4) – DON’T FOLLOW TO UN-FOLLOW, this is every blogger’s pet peeve! If you follow someone and they follow you back, don’t immediately un-follow them. Even if they are a small blogger, they can produce amazing content (If I do say so myself…). Also, if someone says to you ‘f4f’ or ‘follow back?’ – follow them! I would suggest getting a follower’s app just to check your followers. This sounds really lame, but it is important to keep a good follow-to-follow ratio.

TIP (5) – REGULAR USE, personally, I check my social media for my blog every day; which is more than I can say about my uploading schedule. This is because things change regularly and you want to stay up-to-date. As well as this, it is good to be active so people know that you are a real follower and not just a bot. However, if you need to get off social media whether it be for your own mental health, DO IT! 

That’s all for now!

I hope you enjoyed some of these tips and this motivates you to kick-start your own blogging media.

Feel free to leave your links below to any social media’s that you want me to check out!

Stay safe and Peace out Accidental Aspirationalists, 

Anita x

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101: How to Procrastinate

Hi, guys and welcome back to another blog post. 36 days. 36 days till the main event begins. 36 days until I start my A Levels. You may think I’m being dramatic (when am I not…) but I am telling you my life is going to change forever in the next few months. Do I feel prepared? Tough question. You can never be prepared but doesn’t mean it won’t happen. So rather than revising what am I doing? Bring you guys another blog post!

First off, I’d like to start by saying welcome to all the new people who have followed my blog journey. It feels like I am still a new blogger, but I have actually been blogging for a while just not very consistently (some things don’t change…). Any who, WELCOME! and I hope you enjoy! Gonna take this opportunity to plug my socials – links below – I follow back! Now onto the blog.

As you can tell from the title, I am going to teach you all how to procrastinate. At this time of year, I have seen many blog posts on “best revision tips” and “how to get an A* in [insert subject here]” etc. However, I like to be different so here are my best tips on the ultimate skill of procrastination.


This is the most important rule in the book of procrastinating. Honestly, if you want to learn how to procrastinate so well, I would have a run for my money, get Netflix. It will change your life. There will be shows that you will watch for the sake of avoiding all other responsibilities. Once this occurs, I would say you automatically jump to Level 3 procrastinator.


Exam time is probably the only time that my room is spotless (you’re welcome, mum). Mastering the art of cleaning is so essential for excellent procrastinating skills. A tidy room represents a procrastinating genius. All other commitments will become unnecessary and cleaning comes first.


The way to spot a good procrastinator is the amount of time they spend on their phone. Social media are a key source to procrastinate. Follow as many random celebs, YouTubers, me – all links below etc. Not only will this length the time you spend on your phone, you will become ridiculously good as typing and scrolling. If you want to know if you are cut out for this or how fast you can scroll – I recommend taking this test – TYPING SPEED TEST.


This one is pretty similar to Netflix but a key point for those ambitious procrastinators. Buy as many movies and box sets as you can. Make sure you get the popcorn and as soon as you know those exam dates; settle down on the sofa and watch as many movies as you can. I recommend the greatest showman , this movie will keep you hooked for days (months even…)! The soundtrack will change your life and up your procrastinating game, levels.


This is extremely important. You may complain that this will cause you to be fat and bloated but, just think about the new recipes you will learn! Eating is another sign of good procrastination. If you think about those times when you could be sitting at your desk working (forbidden btw), get up and make food because this will save you from falling into the trap of revision. Maybe ask your mum if she can buy you uselessful kitchen items such as a Spiralizer – this makes spaghetti for you out of random food items!!

That’s all, for now, folks, but don’t worry, I’ll be back soon with more tips. Love the procrastinating queen.

Peace out xx

p.s. if you haven’t realised by now, this was all in jest and please please please if you have exams REVISE… 36 days!

p.p.s but I would still recommend a spiralizer, it will change your life.

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disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Please use them because I’m poor. 


Welcome back to another blog post!

First off, I’d like toapologise for not writing a blog post in a while… but after reading this you will probably realise why…

So, today marks 7 weeks until my first exam. My first real, determining the rest of my life, actually exam. I have been revising for a while now, but would I really be a student if I didn’t have the niggle of doubt in my mind that I haven’t done enough?

Anyhow, I thought I would give you today some of my best tips (that do work might I add…) that will save you in the exam room.


If you haven’t started revising now for GCSE’s, A LEVEL’s or any other exam you have this summer, this may not be the tip for you… but if you have been revising and looking at past papers since the day you were born, I would say it is time to plan and sit back to see what you need to do. Solidify that knowledge girl! Start looking over little sections you have done every day. I find this useful because it allows my mind to focus and look at the things I have already done. Also, it stops me from getting too stressed. FACT: the mind can only take in things 20 mins at a time. So a 20 min revision session is good, take a break, then come back to it. This is the most effective way of revising.


BLURT! BLURT! BLURT! This is another one of my favourite revision techniques. If you know me, you’ll know that I love to talk. When revising, I like to say things out loud and recite facts to myself because, for some reason, it stays in my brain. lol. Repeating things, allows those facts to move into your long-term memory so you can recall them in the exam room. Also, teaching other people what you know, (even if it’s just your mum!) can help solidify your own knowledge.


For me, I cannot miss an hour of my sleep. Not only will I be too tired but I won’t be able to concentrate at all. Sleep is a lot more important than people think in my opinion. Alongside sleep, comes food. I stress eat too much! Comment below if you suffer from this also. However, try and eat healthily… I’m not going to comment on this too much because I struggle to practice what I preach in this aspect. Lastly, drink water! I try and counterbalance the junk I eat with drinking loads of water, but I find it helps me focus and deals with the banging headaches I get when I am stressed.


If you are feeling really stressed and overwhelmed, it is likely that you are burnt out and overworked. My tip would be, just RELAX! Go for a jog, watch some Netflix, just take yourself away from revision and do what you enjoy. More often than not, this will help you become calm and come back to revision with a fresh mindset. 

That’s all for now! Comment below any more revision tips you may have to share! I could do with some newones… I hope everything is going well for you guys.

Peace out, Accidental Aspirationalists

Love Anita x

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Is University Worth It?

Hi guys, hope you’re all having a good week and welcome back to another blog post.

Judging from the title, you probably know what I am going to ramble on about today, so grab a seat and a drink and enjoy.

As many of you will know, I am in my last year of A Levels (aged 17-18) and I am supposed to be heading off to the unknown world of university. Attending university has always been in the works for me, for as long as I remember. I don’t know if this is because both of my parents attended or if it is because I cannot see myself in a profession that does not require higher education. Either way, I know I am going to university. So, this September is my due date to enter the system. It truly is a system, you enter, you drown in debt (or so I’ve heard) and then you enter the ‘real’ world – the world of money, debt and desperately looking for a job. Is it worth it?

Many students, myself included, are convinced that it is. That starting your adult life, often, on the minimum living wage in £50,000+ debt is the best way. For the greater good. In my eyes, it is slowly becoming the lesser evil.  As much as I don’t want to be stuck in a retail job or in a 9-5 job for the rest of my life, is it worth going to university where I have to take out a loan of about £15,000 per year just so I can be in the job I want?

On top of that, when I finally start to earn the salary I need to pay back my student loan, interest is added. Yes, that’s right, I have to pay interest on top of my £50,000 debt. The ‘real’ world is a cruel place, my friends.

Sometimes I do not feel that the generation before understand that I will literally not survive with £3000 loan if I go to London or how worrying it is to know that you may be in debt to the system for the rest of your life. I’ll give some perspective – the average accommodation price in London is £160 per week. In the Uni year, there are about 40 weeks so approximately, £6400 on accommodation, in addition to my actual tuition fees (£9,250). Bam! One year in, I’m £15,000 down at the end of year one of uni.  Whilst thinking about how I am going to afford this, I am expected to pass my A Levels and get into medical school. I do not want to sound like I am complaining because I know that I am blessed to live in a country with a system that allows me, especially being a black woman, to gain an education. I am truly grateful to God for this.

But, my question is, is it worth it? Can I not find something else that is just as fulfilling and beneficial to other people as medicine but does not require me to graduate in debt? These are the questions that have flooded my mind over the past few days. It saddens me to say that I am scared for my future. I am honestly scared about what the future will be like for me and my generation. Comment below if you have been or are starting uni and what you feel about it. 

Peace out Accidental Aspirationalists.

Love Anita x

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A few of my February Favourites…

Hi guys! Welcome back to another blog post! So, today I am going to tell you all about my favourite things that I have tried out this month – including makeup, skincare etc. Let’s get into the blog!

Favourite #1: Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in the Shade 504 Deep Mocha or 503 Mocha.

I absolutely love this foundation! It is my go-to, everyday foundation. It feels light and moisturising on my skin and doesn’t even feel like I am wearing foundation half the time. And for the price of £8.29, I’m not complaining ladies…

Favourite #2: Morphe Palette 35R – Ready Set Gold

I acquired this palette recently and it is my first morphe palette. It is absolutely insane and definitely underrated. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows has completely changed my life. If you are looking for a palette that has those golds, coppers and browns; you need to buy this. All morphe palettes are priced at around £23.00, however, I got mine when it was in the sale.


Favourite #3: Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Face Wash

As you know, I love the skincare brand – Simple. I think it is so soft on the skin. I purchased this to add to my collection of skincare products. It is a daily face wash, which is quite nice and I prefer this to a Nivea product I was using which was very heavy on my skin. Plus, it is quite cheap at around £2.00 for Superdrug.

Favourite #4: Tuc Original Snack Crackers

Urgh, I cannot speak enough about these crackers. These have become my ‘healthy’ alternative to biscuits. I am trying to eat more healthily and snack less… so obviously getting snack crackers was a good idea (go, Anita, *insert eye roll*). But these, although they are quite basic, there’s just something about them that I am in love with this month. Also, they are fairly cheap, mine where 50p from Asda. But I think there normal retail price is about £1.00.


Favourite #5: Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick

This has to be my ultimate favourite. I’m going to be honest, I want perfect skin. But doesn’t everyone! My skin isn’t awful and I don’t suffer from ache. But I do have scars in some places and the occasional painful spot appears. This product has changed my life. I’m not even exaggerating. My skin has cleared up so so so much. Below is the change that has happened to my skin. It doesn’t look like much, but if you look closely on the first image you can see that I had quite a few pimples on my forehead but in the second picture it has cleared quite a lot. I don’t even have to wear foundation most days! It is also so affordable – only a £1 for Poundland or £2.69 at Superdrug. I cannot recommend this enough, if you are suffering from bad skin or just want to look a bit clearer.


Favourite #6: The Greatest Showman!!

Ok, this is another big favourite of mine. If you have not watched it… what are you doing! Please go watch it now! It was amazing. I have been listening to the soundtrack for weeks. I want to join a circus or at least learn how to act so I can be Zendaya… Hugh Jackman gave me all the feels, I laughed, I cried, I sang. Ugh, I loved this movie so much (if you can’t already tell). Literally, this is definitely a big favourite of mine this month.


These are 5 favourites for the end of Feb. I hope you all are enjoying the year so far. Today, in England, we are suffering from the beast from the East (I love this name) and also from Storm Emma. College and Schools have been cancelled all over the UK. I think everything we have a tiny bit of snow, the UK goes into a panic. It’s hilarious. Wherever, in the world you are, stay safe and stay warm!

Peace out,

Accidental Aspirationalist x

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the state of the world

“I am a strong believer in the fact that there is someone out there for all of us and we just haven’t found them yet.”

Good morning, Good evening, Good afternoon. It’s February. The second month of the year and it’s already ending. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day or as I like to call it Galentine’s Day. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve never “celebrated” valentine’s day if celebrating is the right word. But, I’m not some religious hater of the day because I’m single every year. In fact, I quite enjoy it. I think the way that people show love to those they really care about, whether it be partners, spouses or even just friends is beautiful. It is really beautiful.

The day before Valentine’s, I was at work. One of my colleagues was telling me that this is the first valentine’s day she would be spending alone in six years. I felt for her. I felt for her because I think when you are in a relationship for so long and have celebrated your love on that day for six years and then all of a sudden it’s gone. It will definitely be hard. However, the social construct that love has to be shown to a partner on one day in the year is so wrong. I don’t think people who are single have to feel like they are alone. I am a strong believer in the fact that there is someone out there for all of us and we just haven’t found them yet. Yep, I am a hopeless romantic.

So, yesterday, I spent the day with one of my best friends. Who I would do anything for, and no it wasn’t an “I hate couples” day, or “we’re strong independent women and don’t believe in valentine’s day”. It was more of an “I’m spending the day with someone I love”. I hope that you all managed to spend time with those you love, even if it was just you. Love yourself.

On another sad note, the world is a forsaken mess.

The Florida school shootings hit real with me. It is heartbreaking to think that families are in agony and pain on one of the most romantic, loving days of the year. To think that there are people out there who could do that to people, who could freely split families apart makes me angry, sad and so frustrated. It made me realise, that we, as humans, do not do enough to protect our own. When, I was taught at school that we are the only species who freely kill our own, not for food. I realised that we need a change.

One – America needs gun laws. And it needs them now. How many shootings and killings will it take for people to understand that it is not right to allow people to just own weapons? Frankly, I don’t care what some constitution says. People are dying.

Two – Stay safe. The world is not a safe place and I don’t think it ever has or will be. Stay safe outside, stay safe online and protect your families, children, and friends.

Three – Love everyone. I believe that whether they be your enemy or your friend, we should still show love. I don’t mean love like you would to a partner or a family member even. You don’t even have to like them. But just enough ‘like’ that if you see someone in danger, you feel a duty to try and help them.

I strongly believe that the human race is not lost. I believe that there are good people out there. I think that we all just need to try that little bit harder to protect what we have been given and to protect those we love.

I hope you all have a great day, rest of the day or night.

Peace out,

Accidental Aspirationalist x

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Mood Boards for 2018 GOALS

Welcome back to another blog post!

Below, I have made some creative mood boards that relate to many of my goals this year and ideas that any of you can try. These boards relate to many things that I want to achieve before the end of 2018. Don’t worry this is the end of my “New Year, New Me” posts and we’ll be back to my regular waffling soon. Love you all x

TRAVEL: Visit at least 3 different countries.

BEAUTY: Expand my makeup collection


READING: Swap out my evening routine of TV Shows and Go back to Reading


FITNESS: Just get fit.


I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them! I would suggest making your own and feel free to comment your goals below for the new year! Oh, you’ll either be happy to hear, my ramblings will be back next week or upset that my posts will not be as organised as these… (yeah, this is as organised as I get, sorry guyss)

Peace out,

Accidental Aspirationalist xx

(p.s. 1 week till my b-day! yayyy!)

12 ways to GLOW up in 2018

Welcome back to another blog post!

On the theme of confidence to kick off the new year here are some tips to be the best version of you this year and “Glow Up”.

(please note: none of the tips in here is directed at anyone in anyway shape or form. They are just tips that I would suggest if you want to be your best self)

Tip #1: Skincare

Ok, this is probably my number one tip. Having a good skincare routine is so important, for girls and guys. Skin is the first thing that someone will see and notice. Having good skin not alone makes you feel confident but is actually a sign of healthiness. I will probably do a skincare routine sometime in the future, but if you’re looking for a cheap skincare brand, I would recommend Simple. Their products are light on the skin but also do an amazing job!

2018-01-14 05.19.11 1.jpg
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Tip #2: Hygiene

Gosh! Do I even need to speak about this! Just please have a shower every day (or at least most days), brush your teeth twice a day, the usual stuff… When you smell good, boy do you look good.

Tip #3: Posture

This is probably something I need to improve on myself. A good posture. However, my mum also says to me, imagine you have a string coming from your head and a someone is pulling on it. That’s how good your posture should be. No one wants to become a hunchback… just saying! Also, practice walking with your head up. It’s really easy to look at the ground when you walk but that can be really bad for your posture. I would say if you look up, it also puts out a very confident aura.

Tip #4: Exercise

Sigh. This is so overlooked, but so necessary. I don’t want to offend anyone, but the best way to glow up is to make sure you’re getting in that half an hour to an hour a day of exercise. Please do not use the excuse of having no time because if you have time to watch that episode of Friends on Netflix, you have time to do a home workout (I’m so brutal!!). I felt with my exercise, since finishing school and going to college, I definitely lacked a routine. At the end of last year, I decided to join the gym just because it is easy to go most days after college and then I also have a Pinterest board (if you wanna follow me on Pinterest check out my social links) called “the workout life” where I pin exercise routines that I can follow at the gym. So, if you’re just lacking some motivation and structure, definitely invest in a gym membership.

Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 17.36.42

Tip #5: Good Habits

By this, I mean get rid of the bad habits. For instance, biting nails (a classic), chewing hair, eating a whole pack of biscuits to yourself just because you can (*cough* I mean me *cough*). It takes 21 days to break a habit, which compared to making one isn’t actually that long. So, this year slam the bad habits away and make some new good habits like eating better, going for a run, or just getting enough sleep.

Tip #6: Mindfulness

Recently, I have started doing this. Mindfulness is a form of meditation which just relaxes the mind and allows you to focus on a specific task or activity. I find that this is a really good way to wake up in the morning and it just puts me in a better mood for the day. I would say invest in a good meditation app such as Headspace (not sponsored). However, I am aware that this does not work for everyone, but there is no harm in trying :).

Tip #7: Speech and Language

This is a big one for me. If you are looking for a way to seem more sophisticated, more grown up and more ‘glown’ up, cut out the swearing, cussing or whatever you call it. There is nothing that ticks me off more is meeting someone whose every second word is a swear word. Don’t get me wrong, if you swear, good for you. But if you wanna glow up, I promise you, you will receive more respect from people if you know how to hold a conversation without swearing.

Tip #8: Education

Stay in school kids. As much as college, school, university and remotely anything to do with getting an education and developing yourself sucks, it is really really important. I am hoping that it will push you forward in life. I believe that you need to gain as much education as you can, so if the time comes when your job or family is at risk, you have something to fall back on.

Tip #9: Stay Hydrated

Carry water with you everywhere. Water is like an angel sent to cure us of anything. Have dried, peeling lips – drink water. Have a headache – drink water. Feeling hungry – guess what drink water! Drink your H2O girls and boys.


Tip #10: Relationships

This is pretty important! This year have good relationships with family and friends. If there is one way to glow up, it’s with your friends. You can hit the gym together. You can set goals together. Form relationships which will last for a long time.

Tip #11: Sleep Patterns

If you’re not getting 8 hours a night are you even sleeping? That’s my motto. Tbh, I understand with school and college work, it can be hard to get a decent number of hours sleep. But, believe me, sleep is the best gift you can give your body. As well as this, it reduces the risk of Gucci bags under eyes. So switch off that phone and put down your book and start prioritising those beauty hours of blessed sleep.

Tip #12: Healthy Eating

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I think that’s all I need to say. (wow that rhymed… freaky)



That’s it for now. There are so many more ways that can help you achieve your goals and “glow” up this 2018. Comment below any more ideas that you have!

Peace out, Accidental Aspirationalists xx