Meet The Author… Again.

Hi and welcome back to my blog.

What a weird phenomenon! I haven’t written on here in over 2 years… wow. I guess I should begin with why I stopped and why I’ve decided to pick up the *virtual* pen and start again.

There isn’t a dramatic reason to why I haven’t posted a blog post in over 2 years. I started university (and have now almost finished – crazy!) and I guess just lost track of time. I think you’ll be more interested in why I decided to start again. So here we go.

REASON ONE: I miss writing.

It really is as simple as that. In my everyday life, I feel I am not creative or don’t tap into the more creative side of me as much as I would like to. My degree is heavily science focussed and I don’t read as much as I used to (I am trying to change that). I find that a life without creativity can be quite dull and monotonous. For me anyway. As much as I was born to do science, I feel I was also born to be creative. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t claim to be a creative in anyway. I do feel there is a difference between being creative and being a creative. But that’s probably a blog post for a different day. So, this morning, I kind of woke up and realised that I missed having a private outlet that is mine. In a world constantly governed by social media, checking what someone has posted, the latest tweet, the latest news article; I feel that I have lost touch with the more au natural side of myself, if that makes sense. What I mean is – I feel that I miss just writing for myself and just doing things for myself rather than being consumed by this ever-changing beast we call the internet. And also, I started writing my dissertation and realised that I just missed writing in general (so maybe this is just procrastination haha). Right, I guess I’ve explained reason one. I miss writing for myself really, not for anyone else and definitely not for my university.

REASON TWO: I need an outlet.

A lot of things have been bothering me recently. The state of the world being one of them. But, I can’t change that so I try not to focus on the external factors but more I need an outlet for the internal factors. As a person, I find that I am easily – how do I describe it – easily bothered. Not in the sense of, I’m annoyed all the time. More like, I just get bothered. I don’t think this is making sense to the average reader but what I’m trying to say is – I just get annoyed. At things in my own life, but like I said earlier also by things I don’t have the power to change which I guess is why I get annoyed. So, I think that’s why I’ve decided to just write them down. I don’t have the power to change anything so that I get less annoyed but I do have the power to express how I feel. I will get more into this in later blog posts but that’s one of the big reasons I have decided to write again. I don’t really expect many people to read it but as I said, this is more for me. For me to express how I feel and why I feel that way. There are many topics I want to speak on. In fact, let me give you a few – Racism. Therapy. The Patriarchy. Religion. Sustainability. A lot of topics really. If anyone is reading, I would like to know your views on it, to start a discussion. Right that’s reason two.

REASON THREE: I want to.

So, I’ve come to the end of my reasonings and I have come to realise. I don’t owe anyone an explanation really. This is one thing I am beginning to learn as I enter early adulthood. I’m not a child anymore and I don’t need to explain why I want to do something to anyone really (unless of course, it’s stupid, dangerous or risky for other people). I find that in today’s world – people have to explain themselves a lot but if what you are doing isn’t effecting other’s people’s lives then you don’t have to explain yourself. I guess the statement that follows this is – rarely are we as human beings doing things for ourselves and ourselves only. I don’t honestly believe that people do that much for themselves anymore. I think it is more the case of trying to gain or lose or win something. For example, I find that these ‘influencers’ – no matter how much they promote how genuine they are – in the world of capitalism their motives have changed. I’m not saying they’re all out for money or for likes but I guess for them it’s probably nice. My mum always said to me – the reason why people who are rich go broke is because the more you have something, the more you want it. Anyways that’s reason three.

Thank you for reading my short blog post.

I’ll be back soon.

Peace out x

Never Lie To A Child.

Hiya guys and welcome to a new blog post.

So, this was not the original blog post planned for today, I have a few Paris Blog Posts that are going up in the next couple of weeks but I’ve had a stressful last couple of weeks and a few interesting experiences that I thought I would share first.

But, let’s start with the reason you all clicked on this blog post. What was my lie?

No need to fear mum’s and dad’s in the world. It wasn’t too bad of a lie, in fact, it had a very funny ending. As part of my church responsibilities, I teach music to children between the ages of 4-11. Now, these are dangerous ages.

I like to make my music times fun and engaging so I had an idea to introduce ‘THE SINGER OF THE WEEK AWARD”. I took to church a simple gold medal with the Olympic Logo, that I probably got in junior school.

At the start of music time, I was wearing it around my neck and said to the children, “You are all in competition for this medal, you have to be very careful with it because I won this gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics when I was 8 in a swimming competition.”

If you know me personally, I am not much of a swimmer at all, I can swim but I much prefer to watch others swim in the Olympics and could never be a competitive swimmer at all. It started off as a joke, and I thought that it was quite obvious from my facial expression that I was joking.

Boy, was I wrong.

Music time ending and I gave the award to the winning little boy. Before handing it to him, a girl asked me, “Did you really win that at the Olympics?” 

I replied,”Of course, this is real gold.”

If you saw this medal, you can tell that it is the cheapest, tackiest gold plastic medal and not at all close the grandeur of a real Olympic gold medal. But, me being the comedian, I am carried on with the joke.

So, I went to Paris this week and the thought of this lie that I had told the children during music time last week never crossed my mind. I went to church again today and the mum of the little girl approached me and said, “Are you the lady who taught my children last week?” 

I looked at her, apprehensively, “Yes.”

“Is it true that you were in the Olympics?”

At this moment, I was in shock. This little girl had believed me and gone and told her MUM. I had to explain the whole story to her and I quickly apologized for telling her daughter the lie. She shook her head and laughed, “Don’t apologize! That’s amazing, you don’t understand how many times, I use that with her now. I say, come on *Lucy, some children are Olympic Swimmers at your age and you can’t even tidy your room properly.”

I laughed at this, glad that it was being turned into a positive thing. Despite this instance, I have learned my lesson. I will not be lying to a child again. 

I hope you liked this blog post, I just thought it was quite humorous. Please comment down below if you like story time blog posts like this or if you prefer more like my previous blog posts.

To any Mum’s reading this, comment down below if you would react the same as the Mum above. I want to hear from the Mum’s in the house!!

I’ll be back with another blog post next Sunday.

Stay cool and PEACE OUT accidental aspirationalists.

Lots of Love,

Anita x


Welcome back to another blog post!

First off, I’d like toapologise for not writing a blog post in a while… but after reading this you will probably realise why…

So, today marks 7 weeks until my first exam. My first real, determining the rest of my life, actually exam. I have been revising for a while now, but would I really be a student if I didn’t have the niggle of doubt in my mind that I haven’t done enough?

Anyhow, I thought I would give you today some of my best tips (that do work might I add…) that will save you in the exam room.


If you haven’t started revising now for GCSE’s, A LEVEL’s or any other exam you have this summer, this may not be the tip for you… but if you have been revising and looking at past papers since the day you were born, I would say it is time to plan and sit back to see what you need to do. Solidify that knowledge girl! Start looking over little sections you have done every day. I find this useful because it allows my mind to focus and look at the things I have already done. Also, it stops me from getting too stressed. FACT: the mind can only take in things 20 mins at a time. So a 20 min revision session is good, take a break, then come back to it. This is the most effective way of revising.


BLURT! BLURT! BLURT! This is another one of my favourite revision techniques. If you know me, you’ll know that I love to talk. When revising, I like to say things out loud and recite facts to myself because, for some reason, it stays in my brain. lol. Repeating things, allows those facts to move into your long-term memory so you can recall them in the exam room. Also, teaching other people what you know, (even if it’s just your mum!) can help solidify your own knowledge.


For me, I cannot miss an hour of my sleep. Not only will I be too tired but I won’t be able to concentrate at all. Sleep is a lot more important than people think in my opinion. Alongside sleep, comes food. I stress eat too much! Comment below if you suffer from this also. However, try and eat healthily… I’m not going to comment on this too much because I struggle to practice what I preach in this aspect. Lastly, drink water! I try and counterbalance the junk I eat with drinking loads of water, but I find it helps me focus and deals with the banging headaches I get when I am stressed.


If you are feeling really stressed and overwhelmed, it is likely that you are burnt out and overworked. My tip would be, just RELAX! Go for a jog, watch some Netflix, just take yourself away from revision and do what you enjoy. More often than not, this will help you become calm and come back to revision with a fresh mindset. 

That’s all for now! Comment below any more revision tips you may have to share! I could do with some newones… I hope everything is going well for you guys.

Peace out, Accidental Aspirationalists

Love Anita x

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Is University Worth It?

Hi guys, hope you’re all having a good week and welcome back to another blog post.

Judging from the title, you probably know what I am going to ramble on about today, so grab a seat and a drink and enjoy.

As many of you will know, I am in my last year of A Levels (aged 17-18) and I am supposed to be heading off to the unknown world of university. Attending university has always been in the works for me, for as long as I remember. I don’t know if this is because both of my parents attended or if it is because I cannot see myself in a profession that does not require higher education. Either way, I know I am going to university. So, this September is my due date to enter the system. It truly is a system, you enter, you drown in debt (or so I’ve heard) and then you enter the ‘real’ world – the world of money, debt and desperately looking for a job. Is it worth it?

Many students, myself included, are convinced that it is. That starting your adult life, often, on the minimum living wage in £50,000+ debt is the best way. For the greater good. In my eyes, it is slowly becoming the lesser evil.  As much as I don’t want to be stuck in a retail job or in a 9-5 job for the rest of my life, is it worth going to university where I have to take out a loan of about £15,000 per year just so I can be in the job I want?

On top of that, when I finally start to earn the salary I need to pay back my student loan, interest is added. Yes, that’s right, I have to pay interest on top of my £50,000 debt. The ‘real’ world is a cruel place, my friends.

Sometimes I do not feel that the generation before understand that I will literally not survive with £3000 loan if I go to London or how worrying it is to know that you may be in debt to the system for the rest of your life. I’ll give some perspective – the average accommodation price in London is £160 per week. In the Uni year, there are about 40 weeks so approximately, £6400 on accommodation, in addition to my actual tuition fees (£9,250). Bam! One year in, I’m £15,000 down at the end of year one of uni.  Whilst thinking about how I am going to afford this, I am expected to pass my A Levels and get into medical school. I do not want to sound like I am complaining because I know that I am blessed to live in a country with a system that allows me, especially being a black woman, to gain an education. I am truly grateful to God for this.

But, my question is, is it worth it? Can I not find something else that is just as fulfilling and beneficial to other people as medicine but does not require me to graduate in debt? These are the questions that have flooded my mind over the past few days. It saddens me to say that I am scared for my future. I am honestly scared about what the future will be like for me and my generation. Comment below if you have been or are starting uni and what you feel about it. 

Peace out Accidental Aspirationalists.

Love Anita x

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the state of the world

“I am a strong believer in the fact that there is someone out there for all of us and we just haven’t found them yet.”

Good morning, Good evening, Good afternoon. It’s February. The second month of the year and it’s already ending. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day or as I like to call it Galentine’s Day. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve never “celebrated” valentine’s day if celebrating is the right word. But, I’m not some religious hater of the day because I’m single every year. In fact, I quite enjoy it. I think the way that people show love to those they really care about, whether it be partners, spouses or even just friends is beautiful. It is really beautiful.

The day before Valentine’s, I was at work. One of my colleagues was telling me that this is the first valentine’s day she would be spending alone in six years. I felt for her. I felt for her because I think when you are in a relationship for so long and have celebrated your love on that day for six years and then all of a sudden it’s gone. It will definitely be hard. However, the social construct that love has to be shown to a partner on one day in the year is so wrong. I don’t think people who are single have to feel like they are alone. I am a strong believer in the fact that there is someone out there for all of us and we just haven’t found them yet. Yep, I am a hopeless romantic.

So, yesterday, I spent the day with one of my best friends. Who I would do anything for, and no it wasn’t an “I hate couples” day, or “we’re strong independent women and don’t believe in valentine’s day”. It was more of an “I’m spending the day with someone I love”. I hope that you all managed to spend time with those you love, even if it was just you. Love yourself.

On another sad note, the world is a forsaken mess.

The Florida school shootings hit real with me. It is heartbreaking to think that families are in agony and pain on one of the most romantic, loving days of the year. To think that there are people out there who could do that to people, who could freely split families apart makes me angry, sad and so frustrated. It made me realise, that we, as humans, do not do enough to protect our own. When, I was taught at school that we are the only species who freely kill our own, not for food. I realised that we need a change.

One – America needs gun laws. And it needs them now. How many shootings and killings will it take for people to understand that it is not right to allow people to just own weapons? Frankly, I don’t care what some constitution says. People are dying.

Two – Stay safe. The world is not a safe place and I don’t think it ever has or will be. Stay safe outside, stay safe online and protect your families, children, and friends.

Three – Love everyone. I believe that whether they be your enemy or your friend, we should still show love. I don’t mean love like you would to a partner or a family member even. You don’t even have to like them. But just enough ‘like’ that if you see someone in danger, you feel a duty to try and help them.

I strongly believe that the human race is not lost. I believe that there are good people out there. I think that we all just need to try that little bit harder to protect what we have been given and to protect those we love.

I hope you all have a great day, rest of the day or night.

Peace out,

Accidental Aspirationalist x

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2018: The Year of (the) True Confidence

Hiya guys,

Ah, a year is over and another one is beginning. I love the new year, not just because it is a chance to turn over a new 365th page but because it’s another chance to be better. Don’t get me wrong. We can be better every day, at any time of the year but I always seem to associate the New Year with a BIG change within myself that may not take as much physical effort as the small things (i.e eating healthier) but little by little I can achieve in 365 days.

Last year, I told my self I wanted a friendship detox. It sounds really bad when I say it out loud to myself but by this I mean, I wanted to be around people who made me truly happy. It’s safe to say, it started off rough… really rough, which is why I’m so glad I had 365 days to do it. But by the end of 2017, I felt I had grown stronger at defending myself and knowing the people I wanted to be around, or who influenced me.

The 31st of December approached, about a week ago, and I was thinking what quality I could work on for 2018. As a person, I would say I am perceived to be pretty confident. I stand up for what I believe in (most of the time), my morals are higher than my heels and I tend to say how I feel at all times (not the best quality to have… trust me). Despite this, on the inside, I sometimes feel weak. I sometimes feel as if I can be crushed very easily. I am not always confident about the way I look, talk etc. I feel that I put on a tough exterior but my interior is as strong as glass. Very easily smashed. That is why this year, I have decided to work on confidence. True confidence, inside and out. Whether that be, by hitting the gym so I feel better in my own body or learning more about myself. But, I guarantee by the end of 2018, I want to feel better and truly more confident.

I was born in the year of the dragon (which is totally awesome just saying…) and this year, for me, it is the year of the true confidence. Comment below what your goals for this year are, what are some things you want to achieve and one last thing just go out and crush it!


Peace out,

Accidental Aspirationalists xx




WOW. I’m actually in shock! So I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Laura, her blog is livingmylifelikeme; definitely, go and check her out! I didn’t see the comment for a while so this is a little late but enjoy!


  1. Mention and acknowledge the blog that nominated you, and displays the award logo.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger who nominated you gave you.
  3. Tell 11 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate between 5-12 blogs.
  5. Also, make sure to notify these bloggers of their nomination.
  6. Finally, give them 11 questions to answer.


  • What is your favourite childhood memory?
    • My favourite childhood memory is probably when I would spend the summer holidays in England, with my older brother and all we would do is play different board games and watch movies. Literally, all summer. I think these are some of my best memories because he’s away at university at the moment so I don’t get to see him as often. Also, we were best friends then.

Board game

  • If you could go anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go?
    • This is an easy one, hands down, Thailand! Seems a bit basic, but if you look into it then you’ll understand. The culture, the people, urgh I would live there for the rest of my life if I could. Thailand is stunning and I definitely going to make a plan to spend a month there, at least.


  • When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
    • I have examples, but here’s one that sticks out to me. We were watching Cars (the movie) and I don’t know if any of you have seen it, but there is a part where they go tractor tipping and the tractors act like cows, start tipping and fall over. It doesn’t sound hilarious but at the time it was so funny and my sister was laughing so hard she started to wet herself (yeah grim…) and that just set me off! I laughed so hard, I cried… If you haven’t watched it, here’s a link  
  • What is your favourite period in history?
    • I’m not much of a historian but probably the time of Shakespeare, so the 1500s. Just because, I’ve read some of his works and possibly because Romeo and Juliet the movie has Leonardo DiCaprio and he’s my one true love so… I’m not mad.



  • If you could time travel, would you go back to the past, or forward to the future?
    • Definitely the future. I’m a big believer in living the past in the past. In real life, you cannot undo anything which is why we should always look forward. No matter what is going wrong at the moment, I strongly believe the future will always be better. PLUS, the future is going to be pretty cool, I mean although the world may end and we may run out of fuel, I think we’re going to figure out so many cool, new inventions and if I travelled to the future, I’d get a sneak preview 😉

Related image

  • What is your favourite thing about blogging?
    • Being able to express feelings and passions in a good way. I think so many people think that writing online is a bad thing and so often people do use the internet and social media to promote bad things. I dislike that. I think blogging is a way that I am able to spread a positive influence but also to give people an insight into my life because obviously, I’m sooooo interesting (please note: my second language is sarcasm). Blogging is a way to meet people and also to learn about different cultures and different environments, it’s just interesting.

Image result for blogging

  • Who was the last person you said ‘I love you’ to?
    • Probably my mum… let’s be real, I’m single as. But truly, I do love my mum, she is an amazing person! She gave birth to me also so I can’t really complain…

Image result for love

  • What was the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
    • This wasn’t really a weird dream but more of a weird coincidence. So, I play the flute and when I was in Year 8 (13-14), I was doing my grade 3 on the flute. I literally love playing the flute, so I was stressing about it for days. One night, I had a dream about my exam and it went so well, and I got my exam results and got a distinction!! (This is the highest of the highest). Anyway, the next day, I had my flute exam and I told my mum about the dream and literally, I’m not kidding you my exam went exactly as my dream… yep! you guessed it, I got my exam results in the post and I got a distinction!! That was one of the weirdest experiences ever, but I was so so happy!

Image result for flute exam

  • How do you keep occupied on rainy days?
    • Like a normal person, I watch Netflix… is there anything else to do? I’m a netflixaholic, literally, you name it, I’ve watched it. 🙂

Image result for netflix

  • If you could be anything or anyone for one day, who or what would you be?
    • I’m gonna do two things: first, if I was anything, I would be a bird. Not just any bird, one that flies away on holiday in the winter. Because of free travel, why else?…and also I think it would be so cool to be able to see everything from above and I think they have a long lifespan… correct me if I’m wrong. And second, if I was anyone else, I would be the President of the United States, not Donald Trump, just another President because I just feel a need to help fix that country. No offence Americans, you just need gun laws. Urgently.



  • In a world without internet or phones, what would you invent to communicate?
    • Telepathy. Come on, what else? I would invent like a device or a chip which you could put on your body (preferably not inside your body) and this would connect to your central nervous system and send information to your brain so that you can receive and send messages instantly. On the other hand, we could just use our mouths, those are wonderful things as well…


Hope you enjoyed that, a little weird insight into my brain, ok so next step… 11 facts about me.

11 FACTS: 

  1. I love superheroes like love is probably an understatement. Literally. Love Love Love.
  2. I’m half-Nigerian and half-Barbadian.
  3. I live for food, lol that’s really sad, but I literally love cooking, eating, the whole works…
  4. I put on a full face of makeup, just because it’s fun. Oh, and highlighter is my favourite thing to use. I have way way way too much.
  5. I am 17 turning 18 at the end of Jan.
  6. I am an Instagram fanatic, I love taking photos and editing and posting.
  7. I want to be a doctor one day, so I am studying A Levels at the moment, which is why I go on a month-long break every now and then, lol, I’m trying not to let that happen too much anymore.
  8. I am probably the most indecisive person, you will ever meet, I literally can’t stick with one blog name… more coming on that soon.
  9. I am one of 4.
  10. I am v v honest, slightly too honest. Which also leads to me being v v opinionated.
  11. I am a Latter-day Saint, Mormon, whatever you wanna call us (please note: we are Christians, it is a religion…) – lol more on that soon as well.



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Please note: I decided to look through at a load of new blogs because I wanted to discover new people to nominate; so some people I’ve been following for a while and some I just started following today, but I hope you all enjoy this award.



  1. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be and why?
  2. What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?
  3. Who is your greatest inspiration?
  4. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up?
  5. What is one thing you desperately want to accomplish in life?
  6. If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
  7. What was the last lie you told?
  8. If you had to be one age for the rest of your life, what age would it be?
  9. What cheers you up on a bad day?
  10. What is your go to movie of all time?
  11. Who is the one person you turn to for everything and why?


Thank you for reading, I’m so grateful to be able to have this opportunity, it was very fun. I hope you all enjoyed learning a bit more about me and my blog. I hope you all are having a good holiday and Christmas (if you celebrate). More fun things are coming for everyone in the new year!


Peace out, Accidental Aspirationalists xx

Week Six – 2// 50 VERY LAST MINUTE Gift Ideas

Welcome back to another blog post! It’s December! Finally! I think most of the year people just wait around for December to come, it is one of my favourite months because it is all about giving (and a little bit of receiving ;)). Today, I thought of a blog post idea which would be really useful if you’re stuck on ideas for what to get the trillion people on your list. Enjoy! x

1. Lynx Box Set – the Christmas essential

2. Jewellery

3. Scratch Map

4. Book/TV Show Box Sets

5. Eyeshadow Palette

6. Watches

7. Stationary Set

8. Candles

9. Board Games/Card Games

10. Bath/Soaps

11. Skincare

12. Wallets/Purses

13. Room Decor

14. Quote Pillows

15. Clothes

16. Tech

17. Chocolates

18. Mugs

19. Cufflinks

20. Bags

21. Music – CD’s, Headphones etc.

22. Perfume/Cologne

23. Slippers

24. Homemade Gifts

25. Stuffed Animals

26. Scarves ((get me a scarf any day I’m a sucker for em))

27. Crackers – like the actual ones you put cream on

28. Cute storage holders

29. Thermal Mugs

30. Christmas Jumpers

31. Shopping Bags

32. Lipsticks

33. Glove and Hat Set

34. Hair clips

35. Remote Control Toys – including drones if you’re really out there

36. Adventure Away Vouchers – Skydiving, Helicopter Ride etc.

37. Shopping Vouchers – if in doubt just stick the cash on a voucher

38. A Pet – if you really want to make someone happy.

39. A Holiday – if you want to treat your parents, partner, spouse or even your self to a treat away

40. Shoes – trainers, heels etc

41. Netflix Subscription – umm essential

42. Spotify Premium subscription – as per above

43. Days out – nice bonding activities you can do in the Christmas season

44. A car- if you’re rich, everybody wants a car

45. Phone Accessories – cases, pop sockets etc.

46. Branded Items – also if you’re rich

47. Nail/Beard Grooming Set

48. Polaroid Camera

49. Wall Posters

50. Time – the most important gift you can give to someone is your time, at Christmas that’s all most people need. It’s free and it’s special.

I hope you enjoy this list of last minute present ideas and find them useful! I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! x

Week Six – 1// The Face behind The Mask

What am I doing right now?

Who knows. This month has been all about UCAS. If some of you don’t know in the UK, we have a specific way of applying for university. It involves an online system where you select 5 choices (unless studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary science) and then UCAS, the online website, sends them to the university for you. I have had a hard hard month.

But, I realised I’ve missed blogging. I think about it every now and then and then start to write a draft and never actually finish it. But, I’m back. So here’s a little update. I’ve joined the gym. Two of my siblings had a birthday. Work Drowning is happening to me. Yep, that’s right I am drowning in work.

On the upside, I have had quite an enjoyable month, I love autumn/fall and I feel a lot happier nowadays. I don’t know if I can say the same about some of my friends. I feel like it’s easy to fake happiness. It’s easy to put a smile on your face. I think you can walk around for an entire day with fake laughs and fake happiness and no one would ever notice. It’s wonderful when you’re truly happy. Truly content with life. But, I don’t think I know many people who are.

I had an experience this week where I found one of my good friends, sat alone, crying. And, she is a person who I thought was always “happy”. That’s what I thought anyway. She cried into my arms and told me; she didn’t fall good enough. That no one ever paid any attention to her. No guys ever complimented her. She felt like she had given up socialising and making new friends at our college for studying and good grades. But she still failed. I honestly didn’t know what to say. I wish I had noticed. Sometimes, it is easy to miss when someone else is having a hard time. I am trying to get better at understand and seeing how people really feel.

She’s an actress, not a real one, but an actress at life. It’s easy to put on a mask, to hide your true feelings. When the walls break down that is when we see the true face behind the mask.

I wish that everyone experiences happiness this year, before it ends, whether it be with your family at christmas or just doing what you love. Stay happy. Stay joyful.

Peace out x

Week Five – 1 // Autumn Ramblings

2017-10-25 04.53.40 1.jpg

Autumn leaves are my favourite things. The colours that surround me as I walk places. Autumn seems to illuminate the beauty in the simplest things. Browns, Oranges, Reds… I absolutely love it.

But with the season of Autumn brings the season of the reflection. It’s almost the end of the year and I think what have I done and how my life has changed. What can I do in these last few months to make a difference to this year? As they would say end it with a bang.

So recently, I have joined the gym. Yeah, I never thought I would allow myself to spend £16.99 a month on exercise. It’s shocking really. As well as this, I have started my new job which I love! I get paid (quite a lot for my age I might add) for scanning pieces of paper into a computer… I can’t really complain much. Although, it is going all good and well, in the back of my mind I thoughts that sometimes creep up like; you’re going to uni soon, you need to pass your exams, you need to make it through these last few months at college, and you’re an adult in 3 months time. That big 18, is coming my way.

How do adults do it?

The closer I get to actually being responsible for everything I do. The closer I get to actually being in the real world, the more I want to stay home. To live in the safety bubble of my parents. But, realistically, that can’t be forever. A word to those young/pre-teens. Cherish your time as a child because the more you wish to be older than you are the quicker it will come.

On the upside, a lot of things have been going right in my life right now. I’ve made some decent friends at college, I can drink hot chocolate again because the season is here. Oh, and furry coats are in! As well as this, right now it is the half term at schools and colleges in the UK so I have been relaxing… ok that’s a lie, I have been revising and doing uni applications.

Ah and another thing, I got Netflix back! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, why did you ever get rid of it?!?! Well, it is pretty distracting, I’m not going to lie. I have been limiting myself to one episode a day of watching reruns of Gossip Girl (the greatest TV show on earth). Any new TV show suggests though? I might do a blog post on TV shows… I watch way too many!

To bring these literally autumn ramblings to a close, last update I’m no longer scared of dogs! More to come on that…;)

Peace out,

Accidental Aspirationalists xx