Week Five – 2 // Sunday Photo Fiction – Fixed Eyes


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Some people are so close-minded. Their heads are sat on a shelf. Their eyes are fixed to one spot, never being able to see past their own beliefs and thoughts. Imagine living like that. Head never turning. Eyes never seeing.

That’s how I think of Mr Marshall.

I sit in the classroom listening to him, the words coming out of his mouth were as filthy as the mud splattered tires of a car. But, I listened anyway. Pollution filled my mind as I pondered over what he was saying. I even dared to contemplate it.

A question arises, however, does one become close-minded to think that others beliefs are filth?

I would like to know the answer, as becoming a head with fixed eyes sat on a shelf is not my wish. But then, I guess it wasn’t Mr Marshall’s wish either.


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Week Five – 1 // Autumn Ramblings

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Autumn leaves are my favourite things. The colours that surround me as I walk places. Autumn seems to illuminate the beauty in the simplest things. Browns, Oranges, Reds… I absolutely love it.

But with the season of Autumn brings the season of the reflection. It’s almost the end of the year and I think what have I done and how my life has changed. What can I do in these last few months to make a difference to this year? As they would say end it with a bang.

So recently, I have joined the gym. Yeah, I never thought I would allow myself to spend £16.99 a month on exercise. It’s shocking really. As well as this, I have started my new job which I love! I get paid (quite a lot for my age I might add) for scanning pieces of paper into a computer… I can’t really complain much. Although, it is going all good and well, in the back of my mind I thoughts that sometimes creep up like; you’re going to uni soon, you need to pass your exams, you need to make it through these last few months at college, and you’re an adult in 3 months time. That big 18, is coming my way.

How do adults do it?

The closer I get to actually being responsible for everything I do. The closer I get to actually being in the real world, the more I want to stay home. To live in the safety bubble of my parents. But, realistically, that can’t be forever. A word to those young/pre-teens. Cherish your time as a child because the more you wish to be older than you are the quicker it will come.

On the upside, a lot of things have been going right in my life right now. I’ve made some decent friends at college, I can drink hot chocolate again because the season is here. Oh, and furry coats are in! As well as this, right now it is the half term at schools and colleges in the UK so I have been relaxing… ok that’s a lie, I have been revising and doing uni applications.

Ah and another thing, I got Netflix back! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, why did you ever get rid of it?!?! Well, it is pretty distracting, I’m not going to lie. I have been limiting myself to one episode a day of watching reruns of Gossip Girl (the greatest TV show on earth). Any new TV show suggests though? I might do a blog post on TV shows… I watch way too many!

To bring these literally autumn ramblings to a close, last update I’m no longer scared of dogs! More to come on that…;)

Peace out,

Accidental Aspirationalists xx

Week Four – 3 // The Stupidity of Love.




Love is Stupid.


I honestly believe that. I have this theory that when you enter a relationship, you lose all common sense. It’s as if the person you are in ‘love’ with has taken away your ability to make correct decisions. I am not talking from experience. I am talking from observation.

I have watched friends and family cry over the ones they ‘love’. I have watched hearts break in front of me. I have watched girls make decisions they would never make in a love-void state. I have watched boys run after ones who don’t deserve them. All in the name of Love.

To me, it’s stupid.

People say it’s worth it. But, why would purposely hurting yourself be worth it? Why would you enter a relationship that is more than likely never going to last, be worth it? I just don’t get it. Are you trying to learn a lesson or are you deliberately self-inflicting pain?

I guess you could say, you’ve never had it, so you just don’t understand.

I guess you could say, you’re just scared of putting yourself out there. You’re afraid of getting hurt.

And, I guess you are right.

Some part of me, the darkest part of me, wants to love and be loved. I’m just scared. If I put myself out there if I let someone in, what if it happens to me? What if I’m the one at 2 am crying on the phone to my best friend over a boy. Or, what if I’m the one skipping class to be with him.

I don’t get this concept of love. The way society labels what love has to be like. The way everyone seems to need to experience heartbreak. As if it’s a drink that everyone needs to try. I guess I should rephrase what I’m trying to say.

Love isn’t stupid.

Society is.


Peace out, Accidental Aspirationalists xx

Week Four – 1// The School Survival Guide: Toxic Relationships…

Welcome back!

SO, I want to talk about something that is so prevalent in every teen’s life. Toxic relationships. Whether that be friendships or dating life. Toxic relationships are out there people and they are hard to avoid.

First off I’m going to start by pointing out the signs of a toxic relationship, that is how you can tell you are in one, I’m going to share some experiences and then move on to how you deal with a toxic relationship.

How to tell if you’re in a toxic relationship: 

1. If they do not have your best interests in mind – What this means is, if a friend doesn’t care what happens to you or doesn’t try to get what is best for you. This is TOXIC. Say bye to that person.

2. If you do not feel comfortable around them – a friend who doesn’t make the effort to include you or make you feel welcome is not a friend.

3. If they make you feel insecure about yourself – this is the worse. Insecurity can be brought about by judgements, comparisons etc if this is happening to you from a relationship. This is toxic!

There are many more things that can be seen in a toxic relationship but I can summarise them by saying, if you do not feel good in a relationship, it is more than likely toxic and I would advise you to GET OUT! 

At school / high school, it is so easy to get into them, and not realise because “there is more good than bad” or “it’s not that bad”. But, I am telling you, it does not help you to stay with that person because it is bad for not only your time at school but for your mental and physical health.

Everyone has and will go through it, toxic relationships I’m afraid are inevitable (unless you avoid the social hierarchy entirely). As soon as you learn to recognise them, you can get out of them before you get hurt.

I am not immune. In fact, right now I would say I was in a few toxic friendships. It is hard to recognise them and walk away, especially if you have been friends for years. People change. I have realised over time, that although the relationship may not have been toxic in the beginning, it certainly is now. Sometimes, you have to make that choice between letting go and being happy or staying in that relationship for the sake of years of friendship. At this point in my life, I try and put myself first because I know that in the long run, it is my life. I advise you to do the same.

Comment down below how you deal with toxic relationships! Feel free to email me for more advice (even though it’s probably pretty useless!)

Look after yourselves,

Peace out, accidental aspirationalists xx

Week Three – 3// Sunday Photo Fiction: Museum Fox

The lights switched off at the main entrance to the Natural History Museum in London. The glass displays opened to air. The security guard settled at his post. He sat opposite the ginger fox on display, wishing for a quiet night.

The fox stared at the strange guard who sat in the same place he did every night. Climbing off the display and walked up to the guard. The fox did not know why it was always trapped in the same glass case being stared at all day every day.

All it knew was that at night the fox was free.

It pattered its feet along the stone cold floor of the museum towards the main entrance and slipped out between the bars. Walking to the back of the building and leapt onto the dumpster, sticking its nose into the bin and eating. The fox kept rummaging until light then turned back. It jumped back onto the pedestal just as the glass cage started to close. Just like it did every morning. The fox turned its head towards the guard, staying still till night would fall again.


This is part of the Sunday photo fiction challenge. All credits go to the photographer. Please enjoy. 

Peace out accidental aspirationalists xx