Week Three – 2// Story Time: I did work experience at a MENTAL ASYLUM!!

Hi, guys and welcome back to my blog!!!

Today, I’m going to tell a short story about something I did this summer. If you’ve read my about page, you will know that I want to be a doctor, (got some more to explain about that soon) so this summer I had an amazing opportunity to spend 3 days at a psychiatry hospital or if you like a mental asylum…I arrived day one, it was on the edge of town, by itself, not much was around just a Tesco. Creep level: high. I walked into the reception and a man with a hi-vis jacket was sat at the desk; no normal receptionist I tell you that. Creep level: higher.

I arrived day one, it was on the edge of town, by itself, not much was around just a Tesco. Creep level: high. I walked into the reception and a man with a hi-vis jacket was sat at the desk; no normal receptionist I tell you that. Creep level: higher.

Walking up to the desk, I stated that I was here on work experience to shadow a psychiatrist. He looked at me and replied, go right through the doors, and make sure they shut behind, he then pointed to a building opposite the reception, across the lawn and ring the doorbell. Make sure the doors shut behind you, he repeated. In my mind I kept repeating the words, this is not a mental asylum, this is not a mental asylum.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t that bad, for most of the part, I wasn’t allowed on the ward because it was predominantly male and if I did go on I had to be supervised and with an alarm. Yeah, scary. I would sometimes be walking in the main office part and then turn to where the locked doors would see a lady just standing there, smiling at me and sometimes she would wave. Creep level: increasing higher.

One experience involved me and a doctor, she was giving me a tour of the establishment because it consists of many different wards all at different risk levels (Note: I was on a high-risk ward, Creep Level: High) and then a previous patient was also walking around the grounds. The doctor said to me, we need to get back to the ward after seeing him. Apparently, this specific patient had been discharged a couple of weeks back but kept coming back for no reason. I’m not going to lie, I was scared. However, I loved it!

Weird, right.

The whole experience made me see a different side to mental health and despite my suspicions, it was a very nice environment, the doctors did everything to help the patients. In no way was this blog post trying to stigmatise mental health; I think it is important that we talk about mental health as it is just as important as our physical health. This post is more talking about getting rid of the idea that people who suffer from mental health issues should be “put away”. In fact, I gained invaluable experience from this placement and I immensely enjoyed interacting and seeing other people who we would class as ‘abnormal’; the way they think and act.

There are more tales to tell of this experience but I’ll save those for another day 😉

Peace out, accidental aspirationalists x

Week One – 1// Exams, stress, UKCAT…

My first blog post yeah!

Welcome family! So to start off- interest fact. Did you know that the average high school (secondary school/college- UK viewers) student today has the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950’s? No, well I confirm that is extremely true.

This week has probably been the ultimate stress week of this summer. After what seems like endless weeks of relaxing and probably spending 12 hours a day watching youtube videos; being confronted with the idea of going back to college next week and taking the UKCAT (which for those of you who don’t know, the UKCAT is the clinical aptitude test for medical school entry) was not my ideal way to end the summer. In fact, I felt stressed and anxious for the most part of the last couple of weeks.

On the happier side, I did the test today and well… I didn’t do too shabbily! So back to my last 36 hours of watching youtube videos for me I should think!


I am very very wrong.

At the back of my mind, I can’t shake the feeling of stress because next week I know that the lack of sleep and piles of work will return and I don’t know if I’m fully prepared for it to be honest.  The life of an average teenager these days is not what the older generations think. (well in some aspects it probably is!) In fact, my life largely consists of completing assignments the day before and cramming textbooks.

On top of this, I have summer work to do, and we all know what that means. I haven’t done a single piece. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve planned to do it but I’ve just been so busy watching Game of Thrones so I haven’t found the time in my busy example of a life…

I well aware right now that I have portrayed myself as the perfect student. Obviously. But, I can reassure you when the time is ripe, I will get back to the grind (work- in case you don’t know what grind means) and get those grades!

After all, I want to be a doctor.

That brings me back to that point. I want to be a doctor. Yes, if you haven’t read my about page – which I strongly recommend – I have been working for the last couple of months on experience, my personal statement and a little bit on my grades. I say a little bit about my grades because I really need to put the work in next year at college. But as the old saying goes, Time will tell.

I know that being a doctor is tough. The long hours and stress of the job aren’t what influenced the decision I have made to try. It’s the rewards. The lives’ saved under a doctor’s hand. Also, knowing that wherever you are, in any place, the role is the same. A doctor has that ability. That’s why I want to be one.

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now. So I want to leave you with this. Keep dreaming. Keep believing. And it doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, you can accomplish anything!

Peace out accidental adventurers x