101: How to Procrastinate

Hi, guys and welcome back to another blog post. 36 days. 36 days till the main event begins. 36 days until I start my A Levels. You may think I’m being dramatic (when am I not…) but I am telling you my life is going to change forever in the next few months. Do I feel prepared? Tough question. You can never be prepared but doesn’t mean it won’t happen. So rather than revising what am I doing? Bring you guys another blog post!

First off, I’d like to start by saying welcome to all the new people who have followed my blog journey. It feels like I am still a new blogger, but I have actually been blogging for a while just not very consistently (some things don’t change…). Any who, WELCOME! and I hope you enjoy! Gonna take this opportunity to plug my socials – links below – I follow back! Now onto the blog.

As you can tell from the title, I am going to teach you all how to procrastinate. At this time of year, I have seen many blog posts on “best revision tips” and “how to get an A* in [insert subject here]” etc. However, I like to be different so here are my best tips on the ultimate skill of procrastination.


This is the most important rule in the book of procrastinating. Honestly, if you want to learn how to procrastinate so well, I would have a run for my money, get Netflix. It will change your life. There will be shows that you will watch for the sake of avoiding all other responsibilities. Once this occurs, I would say you automatically jump to Level 3 procrastinator.


Exam time is probably the only time that my room is spotless (you’re welcome, mum). Mastering the art of cleaning is so essential for excellent procrastinating skills. A tidy room represents a procrastinating genius. All other commitments will become unnecessary and cleaning comes first.


The way to spot a good procrastinator is the amount of time they spend on their phone. Social media are a key source to procrastinate. Follow as many random celebs, YouTubers, me – all links below etc. Not only will this length the time you spend on your phone, you will become ridiculously good as typing and scrolling. If you want to know if you are cut out for this or how fast you can scroll – I recommend taking this test – TYPING SPEED TEST.


This one is pretty similar to Netflix but a key point for those ambitious procrastinators. Buy as many movies and box sets as you can. Make sure you get the popcorn and as soon as you know those exam dates; settle down on the sofa and watch as many movies as you can. I recommend the greatest showman , this movie will keep you hooked for days (months even…)! The soundtrack will change your life and up your procrastinating game, levels.


This is extremely important. You may complain that this will cause you to be fat and bloated but, just think about the new recipes you will learn! Eating is another sign of good procrastination. If you think about those times when you could be sitting at your desk working (forbidden btw), get up and make food because this will save you from falling into the trap of revision. Maybe ask your mum if she can buy you uselessful kitchen items such as a Spiralizer – this makes spaghetti for you out of random food items!!

That’s all, for now, folks, but don’t worry, I’ll be back soon with more tips. Love the procrastinating queen.

Peace out xx

p.s. if you haven’t realised by now, this was all in jest and please please please if you have exams REVISE… 36 days!

p.p.s but I would still recommend a spiralizer, it will change your life.

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