Fortune Favours the Bold

There are moments in my life when I wonder: why am I even doing this. (By this, I mean life, in general, not blogging.)

This was one of those weeks, I woke up on Monday morning to the beast from the east striking again, we were hit with snow. Remember, I am in my second year of college, exams are about 2 months away and I haven’t even finished learning the content, so it wasn’t as welcoming as some would think. However, I took it with confidence and tried to get work done at home. But, I woke up in a slump. In my dictionary, a slump is like an uncontrollable lack of motivation that no matter what you do, you can’t get rid off. This mood seemed to last with me the whole week. Comment below if you’ve ever been in a slump. Thoughts drifted through my mind, ‘you should quit’, ‘you won’t pass’; ‘why don’t you drop out now’. Then, I reminded myself, why I am here, where I am going and what I want to achieve.

When you are in these moods, you have to remind yourself that you have been made for greatness. That most of the bad thoughts that swirl in your mind are creations that mean nothing. That the labels we have been given – gender, grades, numbers – mean nothing if we don’t want them. I read a quote that resonated with me; “Fortune does favour the bold and you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you don’t try.”

I believe we are all capable. Capable of anything. Tomorrow is Monday. Again. I am determined to wake up on the right side of the bed and tackle it like a boss.

Peace out, Accidental Aspirationalists

Love Anita x

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3 thoughts on “Fortune Favours the Bold

  1. Great read! I’ve been on an art slump where I couldn’t draw nor did I have the energy to. It’s been four months since I last made art and I’m glad that I finally recently got out of it. For me the only way to get out of my slump was to tackle it head on and start doing it 😄

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