Is University Worth It?

Hi guys, hope you’re all having a good week and welcome back to another blog post.

Judging from the title, you probably know what I am going to ramble on about today, so grab a seat and a drink and enjoy.

As many of you will know, I am in my last year of A Levels (aged 17-18) and I am supposed to be heading off to the unknown world of university. Attending university has always been in the works for me, for as long as I remember. I don’t know if this is because both of my parents attended or if it is because I cannot see myself in a profession that does not require higher education. Either way, I know I am going to university. So, this September is my due date to enter the system. It truly is a system, you enter, you drown in debt (or so I’ve heard) and then you enter the ‘real’ world – the world of money, debt and desperately looking for a job. Is it worth it?

Many students, myself included, are convinced that it is. That starting your adult life, often, on the minimum living wage in £50,000+ debt is the best way. For the greater good. In my eyes, it is slowly becoming the lesser evil.  As much as I don’t want to be stuck in a retail job or in a 9-5 job for the rest of my life, is it worth going to university where I have to take out a loan of about £15,000 per year just so I can be in the job I want?

On top of that, when I finally start to earn the salary I need to pay back my student loan, interest is added. Yes, that’s right, I have to pay interest on top of my £50,000 debt. The ‘real’ world is a cruel place, my friends.

Sometimes I do not feel that the generation before understand that I will literally not survive with £3000 loan if I go to London or how worrying it is to know that you may be in debt to the system for the rest of your life. I’ll give some perspective – the average accommodation price in London is £160 per week. In the Uni year, there are about 40 weeks so approximately, £6400 on accommodation, in addition to my actual tuition fees (£9,250). Bam! One year in, I’m £15,000 down at the end of year one of uni.  Whilst thinking about how I am going to afford this, I am expected to pass my A Levels and get into medical school. I do not want to sound like I am complaining because I know that I am blessed to live in a country with a system that allows me, especially being a black woman, to gain an education. I am truly grateful to God for this.

But, my question is, is it worth it? Can I not find something else that is just as fulfilling and beneficial to other people as medicine but does not require me to graduate in debt? These are the questions that have flooded my mind over the past few days. It saddens me to say that I am scared for my future. I am honestly scared about what the future will be like for me and my generation. Comment below if you have been or are starting uni and what you feel about it. 

Peace out Accidental Aspirationalists.

Love Anita x

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5 thoughts on “Is University Worth It?

  1. Hey! I’m in my final year of university at Newcastle! Being North, it’s a lot cheaper than London – at the moment my rent is £80 a week! (Although Halls Accommodation was more expensive in the first year.)

    For me university has been worth it! I’ve paid £9,000 a year (but this money is paid by the government to the university, so I’ve never *had* that money in my bank account – and you can’t miss what you don’t technically have haha), and then taken a loan on top of that to pay for accommodation and living costs.

    My degree is in History, which is one of those degrees that adults are rude about because they say you’re just going to be a teacher! BUT it’s been the best three years of my life! It’s been tough at times, but I think that the experience you get from university – such as skills like teamwork, analysis, etc., confidence and friends you gain make it a worthwhile life experience.

    Having said that – university isn’t for everyone. It really depends on what you want to do: a degree can open up doors, but there are lots of other options such as apprenticeships or internship schemes.

    Let me know how you get on – I’m really happy to offer any advice!

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    • Thank you! I’ve been told not even to think about the money because you see so little of it. I’ve applied to Newcastle! And also Edinburgh up north. I really wanted to go up north for a long time but then, the uni I’ve applied for in London which is St George’s have this transfer scheme which gives me a lot of flexibility between degrees. However, I still don’t know what I’m going to do. But I’m guessing time will tell. Thank you, this was so useful to hear from someone who’s been through it all!


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