12 ways to GLOW up in 2018

Welcome back to another blog post!

On the theme of confidence to kick off the new year here are some tips to be the best version of you this year and “Glow Up”.

(please note: none of the tips in here is directed at anyone in anyway shape or form. They are just tips that I would suggest if you want to be your best self)

Tip #1: Skincare

Ok, this is probably my number one tip. Having a good skincare routine is so important, for girls and guys. Skin is the first thing that someone will see and notice. Having good skin not alone makes you feel confident but is actually a sign of healthiness. I will probably do a skincare routine sometime in the future, but if you’re looking for a cheap skincare brand, I would recommend Simple. Their products are light on the skin but also do an amazing job!

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Tip #2: Hygiene

Gosh! Do I even need to speak about this! Just please have a shower every day (or at least most days), brush your teeth twice a day, the usual stuff… When you smell good, boy do you look good.

Tip #3: Posture

This is probably something I need to improve on myself. A good posture. However, my mum also says to me, imagine you have a string coming from your head and a someone is pulling on it. That’s how good your posture should be. No one wants to become a hunchback… just saying! Also, practice walking with your head up. It’s really easy to look at the ground when you walk but that can be really bad for your posture. I would say if you look up, it also puts out a very confident aura.

Tip #4: Exercise

Sigh. This is so overlooked, but so necessary. I don’t want to offend anyone, but the best way to glow up is to make sure you’re getting in that half an hour to an hour a day of exercise. Please do not use the excuse of having no time because if you have time to watch that episode of Friends on Netflix, you have time to do a home workout (I’m so brutal!!). I felt with my exercise, since finishing school and going to college, I definitely lacked a routine. At the end of last year, I decided to join the gym just because it is easy to go most days after college and then I also have a Pinterest board (if you wanna follow me on Pinterest check out my social links) called “the workout life” where I pin exercise routines that I can follow at the gym. So, if you’re just lacking some motivation and structure, definitely invest in a gym membership.

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Tip #5: Good Habits

By this, I mean get rid of the bad habits. For instance, biting nails (a classic), chewing hair, eating a whole pack of biscuits to yourself just because you can (*cough* I mean me *cough*). It takes 21 days to break a habit, which compared to making one isn’t actually that long. So, this year slam the bad habits away and make some new good habits like eating better, going for a run, or just getting enough sleep.

Tip #6: Mindfulness

Recently, I have started doing this. Mindfulness is a form of meditation which just relaxes the mind and allows you to focus on a specific task or activity. I find that this is a really good way to wake up in the morning and it just puts me in a better mood for the day. I would say invest in a good meditation app such as Headspace (not sponsored). However, I am aware that this does not work for everyone, but there is no harm in trying :).

Tip #7: Speech and Language

This is a big one for me. If you are looking for a way to seem more sophisticated, more grown up and more ‘glown’ up, cut out the swearing, cussing or whatever you call it. There is nothing that ticks me off more is meeting someone whose every second word is a swear word. Don’t get me wrong, if you swear, good for you. But if you wanna glow up, I promise you, you will receive more respect from people if you know how to hold a conversation without swearing.

Tip #8: Education

Stay in school kids. As much as college, school, university and remotely anything to do with getting an education and developing yourself sucks, it is really really important. I am hoping that it will push you forward in life. I believe that you need to gain as much education as you can, so if the time comes when your job or family is at risk, you have something to fall back on.

Tip #9: Stay Hydrated

Carry water with you everywhere. Water is like an angel sent to cure us of anything. Have dried, peeling lips – drink water. Have a headache – drink water. Feeling hungry – guess what drink water! Drink your H2O girls and boys.


Tip #10: Relationships

This is pretty important! This year have good relationships with family and friends. If there is one way to glow up, it’s with your friends. You can hit the gym together. You can set goals together. Form relationships which will last for a long time.

Tip #11: Sleep Patterns

If you’re not getting 8 hours a night are you even sleeping? That’s my motto. Tbh, I understand with school and college work, it can be hard to get a decent number of hours sleep. But, believe me, sleep is the best gift you can give your body. As well as this, it reduces the risk of Gucci bags under eyes. So switch off that phone and put down your book and start prioritising those beauty hours of blessed sleep.

Tip #12: Healthy Eating

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I think that’s all I need to say. (wow that rhymed… freaky)



That’s it for now. There are so many more ways that can help you achieve your goals and “glow” up this 2018. Comment below any more ideas that you have!

Peace out, Accidental Aspirationalists xx


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