Week Six – 2// 50 VERY LAST MINUTE Gift Ideas

Welcome back to another blog post! It’s December! Finally! I think most of the year people just wait around for December to come, it is one of my favourite months because it is all about giving (and a little bit of receiving ;)). Today, I thought of a blog post idea which would be really useful if you’re stuck on ideas for what to get the trillion people on your list. Enjoy! x

1. Lynx Box Set – the Christmas essential

2. Jewellery

3. Scratch Map

4. Book/TV Show Box Sets

5. Eyeshadow Palette

6. Watches

7. Stationary Set

8. Candles

9. Board Games/Card Games

10. Bath/Soaps

11. Skincare

12. Wallets/Purses

13. Room Decor

14. Quote Pillows

15. Clothes

16. Tech

17. Chocolates

18. Mugs

19. Cufflinks

20. Bags

21. Music – CD’s, Headphones etc.

22. Perfume/Cologne

23. Slippers

24. Homemade Gifts

25. Stuffed Animals

26. Scarves ((get me a scarf any day I’m a sucker for em))

27. Crackers – like the actual ones you put cream on

28. Cute storage holders

29. Thermal Mugs

30. Christmas Jumpers

31. Shopping Bags

32. Lipsticks

33. Glove and Hat Set

34. Hair clips

35. Remote Control Toys – including drones if you’re really out there

36. Adventure Away Vouchers – Skydiving, Helicopter Ride etc.

37. Shopping Vouchers – if in doubt just stick the cash on a voucher

38. A Pet – if you really want to make someone happy.

39. A Holiday – if you want to treat your parents, partner, spouse or even your self to a treat away

40. Shoes – trainers, heels etc

41. Netflix Subscription – umm essential

42. Spotify Premium subscription – as per above

43. Days out – nice bonding activities you can do in the Christmas season

44. A car- if you’re rich, everybody wants a car

45. Phone Accessories – cases, pop sockets etc.

46. Branded Items – also if you’re rich

47. Nail/Beard Grooming Set

48. Polaroid Camera

49. Wall Posters

50. Time – the most important gift you can give to someone is your time, at Christmas that’s all most people need. It’s free and it’s special.

I hope you enjoy this list of last minute present ideas and find them useful! I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! x


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