Week Five – 2 // Sunday Photo Fiction – Fixed Eyes


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Some people are so close-minded. Their heads are sat on a shelf. Their eyes are fixed to one spot, never being able to see past their own beliefs and thoughts. Imagine living like that. Head never turning. Eyes never seeing.

That’s how I think of Mr Marshall.

I sit in the classroom listening to him, the words coming out of his mouth were as filthy as the mud splattered tires of a car. But, I listened anyway. Pollution filled my mind as I pondered over what he was saying. I even dared to contemplate it.

A question arises, however, does one become close-minded to think that others beliefs are filth?

I would like to know the answer, as becoming a head with fixed eyes sat on a shelf is not my wish. But then, I guess it wasn’t Mr Marshall’s wish either.


// This was an entry for the Sunday photo fiction challenge if you want to take part check out this link https://sundayphotofictioner.wordpress.com/2017/10/29/sunday-photo-fiction-october-29th-2017/

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5 thoughts on “Week Five – 2 // Sunday Photo Fiction – Fixed Eyes

  1. All human beings have biases, so while they may not strictly speaking be “close minded,” they will likely accept opinions only within a certain range and reject the rest. It think it would be very difficult to be open minded in the extreme, because such a condition would preclude having personal values and beliefs.

    In my experience, no one viewpoint has the corner market on being open or closed minded, though of course they’ll tell you otherwise.

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