Week One – 2// Work. Work. Work.

Welcome to post number 2!

After my exam this week, I can safely say I’ve been slacking in the work department. I start college again later this week and well after a long summer it’s safe to say I got all my work done.



I have piles.

But it’s fine because I will do this. On top of this, I have a part-time job, which is actually quite an interesting job if I do say so myself. I work at my local hospital as a patient services centre clerk. This job consists of scanning letters, referrals and everything else. But also, picking up phones and talking to mostly angry patients about why their appointment has been cancelled. Most of the time, the doctor’s retired or gone on holiday. Great excuse to give over the phone!

Anyway, on the up side, I’ve had a few moments of inspiration this week, specifically on my goals for this new academic year and my life in general. Obviously we have the basics.

1. Become good at everything, quickly and by next Monday preferably.

But on a more serious note, another one of my goals is to trust myself more and my judgement. I think this is important because the world has a way of deceiving people these days. It is useful to have a smart head on your shoulders and learn from other people’s choices which I strongly believe is essential in our lives.

I sincerely hope that each one of you is aiming to become the best person in whatever you’re doing. That’s what an aspirationalist does, believes they can become better by being better.

Be a aspirationalist people,

Peace out x


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